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Widmer S; Shaukat S; Wu CL, 2023, 'Aircraft Line Maintenance Scheduling Using Simulation and Reinforcement Learning', in Proceedings - Winter Simulation Conference, pp. 600 - 611,

Chen Y; Wu CL; Ma NK, 2022, 'A Heuristic-Based Airport Shopping Behavior Model with Agent-Based Simulation', in Proceedings - Winter Simulation Conference, pp. 382 - 393,

Chen Y; Wu C; Chung Y-S; Lau PL; Tang A; Ma N, 2019, 'AIRPORT PASSENGER SHOPPING MODELING AND SIMULATION: TARGETING DISTANCE IMPACTS', in Mustafee N; Bae K-HG; Lazarova-Molnar S; Rabe M; Szabo C; Haas P; Son Y-J (eds.), Proceedings of the 2019 Winter Simulation Conference, Piscataway, New Jersey: IEEE, Maryland, USA, presented at 2019 Winter Simulation Conference, Maryland, USA, 08 December 2019 - 11 December 2019,

Scala P; Mujica M; Wu CL; Delahaye D, 2018, 'SIM-OPT in the loop: Algorithmic framework for solving airport capacity problems', in Proceedings - Winter Simulation Conference, pp. 2261 - 2272,

Chen Y; Wu CL; Lau PL; Tang NYA, 2018, 'Simulating passenger's shopping behavior at airport with a conceptual agent-based model', in Proceedings - Winter Simulation Conference, pp. 2342 - 2353,

Tang A; Wu C; Tan DT, 2018, 'Quantification of WAFS weather forecast uncertainties and its effect on fuel burn using historical flight data', Spain, presented at International Conference for Research in Air Transportation, Spain, 26 June 2018 - 29 June 2018

Drabas T; Wu CL, 2015, 'Market spill recapture method for airline demand unconstraining', in AGIFORS 55th Annual Symposium: Analytics for Efficiency and Customer Centric Optimization

Drabas T; Wu CL, 2012, 'Modeling passenger's airline ticket choice using Segment Specific Cross Nested Logit Model with Brand loyalty', in 52nd AGIFORS Annual Proceedings 2012 - Symposium and Study Group Meeting, pp. 1307 - 1325

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