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Riaz MU; Awan H; Chou CT, 2019, Using spatial partitioning to reduce the bit error rate of diffusion-based molecular communications

Awan H; Chou CT, 2017, Improving the capacity of molecular communication using enzymatic reaction cycles

Awan H; Chou CT, 2016, Generalized Solution for the Demodulation of Reaction Shift Keying Signals in Molecular Communication Networks

Rana R; Yang M; Wark T; Chou CT; Hu W, 2014, SimpleTrack:Adaptive Trajectory Compression with Deterministic Projection Matrix for Mobile Sensor Networks

Wei B; Varshney A; Hu W; Patwari N; Voigt T; Chou CT, 2014, dRTI: Directional Radio Tomographic Imaging

Rana R; Chou CT; Bulusu N; Kanhere S; Hu W, 2013, Ear-Phone: A Context-Aware Noise Mapping using Smart Phones

Rana R; Yang M; Wark T; Chou CT; Hu W, 2013, A Deterministic Construction of Projection matrix for Adaptive Trajectory Compression

Hanzon B; Maciejowski JM; Chou CT, 2007, Optimal H2 order-one reduction by solving eigenproblems for polynomial equations

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