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Lee D, 2022, Australia and the World: International Relations and Global Events since Federation, Melbourne Publishing Group, Melbourne,

Lee D, 2022, John Curtin, Connor Court, Redland Bay,

Lee D, 2020, Stanley Melbourne Bruce: Institution Builder, Connor Court, Redland Bay,

Lee D, 2016, The Second Rush Mining and the Transformation of Australia, Connor Court Publishing Pty Limited

Lee D, 2010, Stanley Melbourne Bruce Australian Internationalist, Bloomsbury Publishing

Doulman J; Lee D, 2008, Every Assistance and Protection A History of the Australian Passport

Parkin R; Lee D, 2008, Great White Fleet to Coral Sea Naval Strategy and the Development of Australian-United States Relations, 1900-1945

Kenyon D; Lee D, 2006, The Struggle for Trade Liberalisation in Agriculture Australia and the Cairns Group in the Uruguay Round

Lee D, 2005, Australia and the World in the Twentieth Century

Lee D, 1995, Search for Security The Political Economy of Australia's Postwar Foreign and Defence Policy, Allen & Unwin Australia

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