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Lee D, 2024, The 2003 Cabinet Papers, Canberra,,

Lee D, 2023, The 2002 Cabinet Papers in Context, National Archives of Australia, Canberra ACT,,

Lee D; Fernandes C, 2022, Too Big to Tax, Arena, North Carlton,,

Lee D, 2021, Submission Number 40 to Senate Economics References Committee, Australian Parliament, Canberra, 40,, file:///C:/Users/z3527221/Downloads/Submission%2040%20-%20Dr%20David%20Lee.pdf

Lee D, 2019, 'Murphy's Law---the Whitlam Government's Use of the External Affairs Power and its Legacy', Whitlam Institute, Sydney,

Lee D, 2015, Iron Country: Unlocking the Pilbara, Minerals Council of Australia, Canberra, 9,,

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