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McKnight D, 2018, 'Breaking with Moscow: The Communist Party of Australia's new road to socialism', in , Routledge, pp. 59 - 76

McKnight D; Hobbs M, 2017, 'Fighting for Coal: Public Relations and the Campaign Against Lower Carbon Pollution in Australia', in Carbon Capitalism and Communication Confronting Climate Crisis, Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 115 - 129

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McKnight D, 2013, 'Murdoch and his influence on Australian political life', in Sykes (ed.), The Story of the 2013 Election, Future Leaders

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McKnight D, 2012, 'The campaign to sell climate denial:public relations, the media and scientists', in Banks P; Lunney D; Dickman C (ed.), Science Under Siege: Zoology Under Threat, edn. Original, Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales, Mosman, NSW, pp. 13 - 15

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McKnight D, 1994, 'Internal Security: Sources', in Bergin A; Hall R (ed.), Intelligence and Australian National Security, Australian Defence Force Academy

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