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Pittaway E, 2015, 'Life in limbo: Unregistered urban refugees on the Thai-Burma border', in Koizumi K; Hoffstaedter G (ed.), Urban Refugees: Challenges in Protection, Services and Policy, Routledge, pp. 164 - 186,

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Pittaway E, 2012, 'Citizens of nowhere : refugees, integration criteria, and social inclusion', in Steiner N; Mason R; Hayes A (ed.), Migration and Insecurity Citizenship adn social inclusion in a transnational era, Routledge, USA, pp. 169 - 189,

Pittaway E, 2008, 'The Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh: A failure of the international protection regime', in Protracted Displacement in Asia: No Place to Call Home, pp. 83 - 105

Pittaway E, 2008, 'The Rohmaya Refugees in Bangladesh. The failure of the International Protectin System', in Adelman H (ed.), Protracted Displacement in Asia - No Place to Call Home, edn. 1, Ashgate, Hampshire, England, pp. 59 - 82

Pittaway E; Bartolomei LA, 2003, 'Double Jeopardy: Children Seeking Asylum', in Allotey P (ed.), The Health of lRefugees, edn. Original, Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, pp. 83 - 103

Pittaway E, 1999, 'Refugee women - the unsung heroes', in Nodbody wants to talk about it. Refugee women`s mental health, edn. Original, Transcultural Mental Health Centre, Parramatta, pp. 1 - 20

Bartolomei L; Pittaway E, 'An Uncomfortable Fit', in Globalization and Social Transformation in the Asia-Pacific, Palgrave Macmillan,

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