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Fenner F, 2022, Readymade Ruin: Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro, Formist, Sydney

Fenner F, 2022, Curating in a Time of Ecological Crisis: Biennales as Agents of Change, Routledge, Oxford,

Fenner FM, 2017, Running the City: why public art matters, NewSouth Publications, Sydney, Australia,

Fenner FM; Beaumont J; McDonald J, 2012, The Land and its Psyche, 1, New South Press, Sydney Australia

2008, Handle with Care: 2008 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, Fenner FM, (ed.), Original, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, S. A.

2005, Primavera 2005 Exhibition by Young Australian Artists

Fenner FM; Bruce C, 2000, Marion Borgelt, 21C, Sydney Australia

Fenner FM, 1996, Paul Richards: A Certain Fiction, Carling Dalenson, Stockholm, Sweden

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