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Boughey J, 2021, 'Outsourcing Automation: Locking the “Black Box” inside a Safe', in Boughey J; miller K (ed.), The Automated State: Implications, Opportunities and Challenges for Public Law, Federation Press,

Bennett Moses L; Boughey J; Crawford LB, 2021, 'Laws for Machines and Machine-made Laws', in Boughey J; Miller K (ed.), The Automated State Implications, Challenged and Opportunities for Public Law, Federation Press, pp. 232 - 253,

Zalnieriute M; Burton L; Boughey J; Bennett Moses L; Logan S; Crawford L, 2020, 'From the Rule of Law to Statute Drafting: Legal Issues for Algorithms in Government Decision-Making', in Barfield W (ed.), Woodrow Barfield (ed.) Cambridge Handbook on the Law of Algorithms, Cambridge University Press, UK, 2021, Cambridge University Press, pp. 251 - 272,

Boughey J; Crawford L, 2020, 'Executive Power in an Age of Statutes', in Boughey J; Crawford L (ed.), Interpreting Executive Power, Federation Press,

Boughey J, 2020, 'The Case for “Deference” to (Some) Executive Interpretations of Law', in Boughey J; Crawford L (ed.), Interpreting Executive Power, The Federation Press, Sydney, pp. 34 - 53,

Groves M; Boughey J; Meagher D, 2019, 'Rights, Rhetoric and Reality: An Overview of Rights Protection in Australia', in The Legal Protection of RIghts in Australia, Bloomsbury Publishing, pp. 1 - 16,

Boughey J, 2019, 'The Victorian Charter: A Slow Start or Fundamentally Flawed?', in Groves M; Boughey J; Meagher D (ed.), The Legal Protection of Rights in Australia, Hart Publishing, England : Hart, pp. 207 - 227,

Boughey J, 2019, 'Administrative Law's Impact on the Bureaucracy', in Weeks G; Groves M (ed.), Administrative Redress In and Out of the Courts: Essays in Honour of Robin Creyke and John McMillan, The Federation Press, pp. 93 - 116,

Boughey J; Crawford LB, 2018, 'Jurisdictional Error: Do We Really Need It?', in The Unity of Public Law? Doctrinal, Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives, Hart,

Boughey J; Weeks G, 2018, ''Government Accountability as a Constitutional Value'', in Dixon R (ed.), Australian Constitutional Values, Hart Publishing, pp. 99 - 99

Boughey J, 2017, 'The Scope and Application of the Charters', in Groves M; Campbell C (ed.), Australian Charters of Rights a Decade On, The Federation Press

Boughey J, 2017, 'Proportionality and Legitimate Expectations', in Groves M; Weeks G (ed.), Legitimate Expectations in the Common Law World, Hart Publishing

Boughey J; Groves M, 2014, 'Administrative Law in the Australian Environment', in Modern Administrative Law in Australia Concepts and Context, Cambridge University Press

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