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Dowling J; O'Connor L; Acosta O; Raniga P; de Crevoisier R; Nunes JC; Barateau A; Chourak H; Choi JH; Greer P, 2022, 'Image synthesis for MRI-only radiotherapy treatment planning', in Biomedical Image Synthesis and Simulation: Methods and Applications, pp. 423 - 445,

Nicolson A; Dowling J; Koopman B, 2022, 'ImageCLEF 2021 Best of Labs: The Curious Case of Caption Generation for Medical Images', in , pp. 190 - 203,

Dowling JA; Korhonen J, 2019, 'MR-Only Methodology', in MRI for Radiotherapy: Planning, Delivery, and Response Assessment, pp. 131 - 151,

Acosta O; Dowling J; Drean G; Simon A; De Crevoisier R; Haigron P, 2014, 'Multi-atlas-based segmentation of pelvic structures from ct scans for planning in prostate cancer radiotherapy', in Abdomen and Thoracic Imaging: An Engineering and Clinical Perspective, pp. 623 - 656,

Rivest-Hénault D; Greer P; Fripp J; Dowling J, 2014, 'Structure-Guided Nonrigid Registration of CT–MR Pelvis Scans with Large Deformations in MR-Based Image Guided Radiation Therapy', in Clinical Image-Based Procedures. Translational Research in Medical Imaging, Springer International Publishing, pp. 65 - 73,

Dowling J; Boles W; Maeder A, 2008, 'Visual prostheses for the blind: A framework for information presentation', in Mechatronics and Machine Vision in Practice, pp. 275 - 287,

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