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Zhang J, 2016, 'The South China Sea and China-US Relations: Beijing's Perspective', National Asian Security Studies Program issue brief, vol. 3.1, pp. 4 - 9,,%20The%20South%20China%20Sea%20and%20China_0.pdf

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Zhang J, 2005, 'Review of `Manager Empowerment in China: Political Implications of Rural Industrialization in the Reform Era`', China Journal, vol. 53, pp. 156 - 157

Zhang J, 2003, 'The nature of Chinese politics: From Mao to Jiang', AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF POLITICAL SCIENCE, vol. 38, pp. 365 - 366,

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Zhang J; Sargeson S, 1999, 'Re-assessing the Role of the Local State: A Case Study of Local Government Interventions in Property Rights', The China Journal, vol. 42, pp. 77 - 102

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