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Bollen J, 2021, 'Visualizing the Entrepreneurial Networks of International Entertainment: The Dalrays Touring Beyond the Tivoli, 1956-66', in Garde U; Severn JR (ed.), Theatre and Internationalization Perspectives from Australia, Germany, and Beyond, Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon and New York, pp. 55 - 71,

Bollen JJ, 2012, 'From Theatrical Nostalgia to Modernist Design: Nightclubs as Venues for Live Entertainments in Mid-20th-Century Australia', in Arrighi G; Emeljanow V (ed.), A World of Popular Entertainments: An Edited Volume of Critical Essays, pp. 68 - 82

Bollen JJ, 2009, 'White men, wet dreams: fishing, fatherhood and finitude in Australian theatre, 1955-2004', in Hosking S; Hosking R; Pannell R; Bierbaum N (ed.), Something Rich and Strange: Sea changes, beaches and the littoral in the Antipodes, Wakefield Press, Adelaide

Bollen JJ, 2008, 'Dressing up and growing up: rehearsals on the threshold of intelligibility', in Davies B (ed.), Judith Butler in Conversation, Routledge, pp. 217 - 234

Bollen JJ, 2007, 'As Seen On TV: Kinaesthetic cross-over and the animation of social dance pedagogy', in Lyons J; Plunkett J (ed.), Multimedia Histories, pp. 98 - 113

Bollen JJ, 2006, 'Boxing the man: fighting the choreography of gender, race and generation in recent Australian theatre', in Kiernander A; Bollen JJ; Bruce P (ed.), What A Man's Gotta Do? Masculinities in Performance, pp. 152 - 169

Bollen JJ, 2005, 'How to stand out on a dance floor', in Critical Issues 9: Exploding Dandy, Artspace, Sydney, pp. 51 - 75

Bollen JJ, 2001, 'Queer kinaesthesia: Performativity on the dance floor', in Desmond J (ed.), Dancing Desires: Choreographing Sexualities On and Off the Stage, University of Wisconsin Press, pp. 285 - 314

Bollen JJ, 2000, 'Animated suspension: Moving bodies and the choreography of community', in Tait P (ed.), Body Show/s, Rodopi, pp. 187 - 198

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