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Arrighi G; Bollen J, 2020, Editorial,

Bollen J; Nyhus SH; Gunn ON, 2020, Doctoral Defense: Henrik Ibsen in the American Theatre, 1879–1914, Ibsen Studies,

Arrighi G; Bollen J, 2019, Editorial, Popular Entertainment Studies

Bollen J, 2019, Book review of Australian Theatre, Modernism and Patrick White: Governing Culture, Australasian Drama Studies,;dn=381739386983330;res=IELAPA

Bollen J, 2013, Book review of Wild and Dangerous Performances: Animals, Emotions, Circus., Cambridge University Press,

Bollen J, 2011, Australia Dances: Creating Australian Dance, 1945-1965 – Alan Brissenden and Keith Glennon' (book review)

Bollen J, 2009, Belonging: Australian Playwriting in the Twentieth Century – John McCallum’ (book review)

Bollen J, 2008, Book review of Power Plays: Australian Theatre and the Public Agenda, CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS,

Bollen J, 2003, The Seventies: the Age of Glitter in Popular Culture by Shelton Waldrep (book review)

Bollen J, 1995, Male Impersonators: Men Performing Masculinity by Mark Simpson (book review)

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