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Hur J; Craik DPLA; Counts I; Knyazev E; Caldwell L; Leung C; Pandey S; Berengut JC; Geddes A; Nazarewicz W; Reinhard P-G; Kawasaki A; Jeon H; Jhe W; Vuletić V, 2022, Evidence of Two-Source King Plot Nonlinearity in Spectroscopic Search for New Boson

Fadeev P; Berengut JC; Flambaum VV, 2021, Effects of variation of the fine structure constant $\alpha$ and quark mass $m_q$ in Mössbauer nuclear transitions

Figueroa NL; Berengut JC; Dzuba VA; Flambaum VV; Budker D; Antypas D, 2021, Precision determination of isotope shifts in ytterbium and implications for new physics

Budker D; Berengut JC; Flambaum VV; Gorchtein M; Jin J; Karbstein F; Krasny MW; Litvinov YA; Pálffy A; Pascalutsa V; Petrenko A; Surzhykov A; Thirolf PG; Vanderhaeghen M; Weidenmüller HA; Zelevinsky V, 2021, Expanding Nuclear Physics Horizons with the Gamma Factory

Kahl EV; Raeder S; Eliav E; Borschevsky A; Berengut JC, 2021, Ab initio calculations of the spectrum of lawrencium

Rehbehn N-H; Rosner MK; Bekker H; Berengut JC; Schmidt PO; King SA; Micke P; Gu MF; Müller R; Surzhykov A; López-Urrutia JRC, 2021, Sensitivity to New Physics of Isotope Shift Studies using the Coronal Lines of Highly Charged Calcium Ions

Hu J; Webb JK; Ayres TR; Bainbridge MB; Barrow JD; Barstow MA; Berengut JC; Carswell RF; Dumont V; Dzuba V; Flambaum VV; Lee CC; Reindl N; Preval SP; Tchang-Brillet W-ÜL, 2020, Measuring the fine structure constant on a white dwarf surface; a detailed analysis of Fe V absorption in G191-B2B

Fadeev P; Berengut JC; Flambaum VV, 2020, Sensitivity of $^{229}$Th nuclear clock transition to variation of the fine-structure constant

Nishio A; Berengut JC; Hasuo M; Fujii K, 2020, Population kinetics of many-electron atoms in ionizing plasmas studied using a continuous collisional radiative model

Fujii K; Berengut JC, 2020, Power-law intensity distribution in $\gamma$-decay cascades -- Nuclear Structure as a Scale-Free Random Network

Berengut JC; Delaunay C; Geddes A; Soreq Y, 2020, Generalized King linearity and new physics searches with isotope shifts

Solaro C; Meyer S; Fisher K; Berengut JC; Fuchs E; Drewsen M, 2020, Improved isotope-shift-based bounds on bosons beyond the Standard Model through measurements of the $^2$D$_{3/2} - ^2$D$_{5/2}$ interval in Ca$^+$

Counts I; Hur J; Craik DPLA; Jeon H; Leung C; Berengut J; Geddes A; Kawasaki A; Jhe W; Vuletić V, 2020, Evidence for Nonlinear Isotope Shift in Yb$^+$ Search for New Boson

Bilous PV; Bekker H; Berengut J; Seiferle B; von der Wense L; Thirolf PG; Pfeifer T; López-Urrutia JRC; Pálffy A, 2020, Electronic bridge excitation in highly charged Th-229 ions

Kühn S; Shah C; López-Urrutia JRC; Fujii K; Steinbrügge R; Stierhof J; Togawa M; Harman Z; Oreshkina NS; Cheung C; Kozlov MG; Porsev SG; Safronova MS; Berengut JC; Rosner M; Bissinger M; Ballhausen R; Hell N; Park S; Chung M; Hoesch M; Seltmann J; Surzhykov AS; Yerokhin VA; Wilms J; Porter FS; Stöhlker T; Keitel CH; Pfeifer T; Brown GV; Leutenegger MA; Bernitt S, 2019, High Resolution Photoexcitation Measurements Exacerbate the Long-Standing Fe XVII Oscillator Strength Problem

Bekker H; Borschevsky A; Harman Z; Keitel CH; Pfeifer T; Schmidt PO; López-Urrutia JRC; Berengut JC, 2019, Detection of the $5p-4f$ orbital crossing and its optical clock transition in Pr$^{9+}$

Ohayon B; Rahangdale H; Geddes AJ; Berengut JC; Ron G, 2019, Isotope shifts in $^{20,22}$Ne -- Precision measurements and global analysis in the framework of intermediate coupling

Fujii K; Berengut JC, 2019, A Simple Explanation for the Observed Power Law Distribution of Line Intensity in Complex Many-Electron Atoms

Kahl EV; Berengut JC; Laatiaoui M; Eliav E; Borschevsky A, 2019, High-precision ab initio calculations of the spectrum of Lr$^{+}$

Hu J; Webb JK; Ayres TR; Bainbridge MB; Barrow JD; Barstow MA; Berengut JC; Carswell RF; Dzuba VA; Flambaum VV; Holberg JB; Lee CC; Preval SP; Reindl N; Tchang-Brillet W-ÜL, 2018, Constraining the magnetic field on white dwarf surfaces; Zeeman effects and fine structure constant variation

Tan HBT; Flambaum VV; Berengut JC, 2018, Dark Matter near gravitating bodies

Scheers J; Ryabtsev A; Borschevsky A; Berengut JC; Haris K; Schupp R; Kurilovich D; Torretti F; Bayerle A; Eliav E; Ubachs W; Versolato OO; Hoekstra R, 2018, Energy Level Structure of Sn$^{3+}$ Ions

Kahl EV; Berengut JC, 2018, AMBiT: A program for high-precision relativistic atomic structure calculations

Geddes AJ; Czapski DA; Kahl EV; Berengut JC, 2018, Saturated configuration interaction calculations for five-valent Ta and Db

Dzuba VA; Berengut JC; Ginges JSM; Flambaum VV, 2018, Screening of oscillating external electric field in atoms

Geddes AJ; Skripnikov LV; Borschevsky A; Berengut JC; Flambaum VV; Rakitzis TP, 2018, Enhanced nuclear spin dependent parity violation effects using the 199HgH molecule

Berengut JC; Budker D; Delaunay C; Flambaum VV; Frugiuele C; Fuchs E; Grojean C; Harnik R; Ozeri R; Perez G; Soreq Y, 2017, Probing new light force-mediators by isotope shift spectroscopy

Bainbridge MB; Barstow MA; Reindl N; Tchang-Brillet W-ÜL; Ayres TR; Webb JK; Barrow JD; Hu J; Holberg JB; Preval SP; Ubachs W; Dzuba VA; Flambaum VV; Dumont V; Berengut JC, 2017, Probing the Gravitational Dependence of the Fine-Structure Constant from Observations of White Dwarf Stars

Torretti F; Windberger A; Ryabtsev A; Dobrodey S; Bekker H; Ubachs W; Hoekstra R; Kahl EV; Berengut JC; López-Urrutia JRC; Versolato OO, 2016, Optical spectroscopy of complex open 4$d$-shell ions Sn$^{7+}$-Sn$^{10+}$

Dzuba VA; Berengut J; Harabati C; Flambaum VV, 2016, Combining configuration interaction with perturbation theory for atoms with large number of valence electrons

Harabati C; Berengut JC; Flambaum VV; Dzuba VA, 2016, Electron recombination with tungsten ions with open f-shells

Shi C; Gebert F; Gorges C; Kaufmann S; Nörtershäuser W; Sahoo BK; Surzhykov A; Yerokhin VA; Berengut JC; Wolf F; Heip JC; Schmidt PO, 2016, Unexpectedly large difference of the electron density at the nucleus in the 4p $^2$P$_{1/2,3/2}$ fine-structure doublet of Ca$^+$

Ginges JSM; Berengut JC, 2016, Atomic many-body effects and Lamb shifts in alkali metals

Berengut JC; Harabati C; Dzuba VA; Flambaum VV; Gribakin GF, 2015, Level-resolved quantum statistical theory of electron capture into many-electron compound resonances in highly charged ions

Ginges JSM; Berengut JC, 2015, QED radiative corrections and many-body effects in atoms: vacuum polarization and binding energy shifts in alkali metals

Gebert F; Wan Y; Wolf F; Angstmann CN; Berengut JC; Schmidt PO, 2015, Precision isotope shift measurements in Ca$^+$ using highly sensitive detection schemes

Preval SP; Barstow MA; Holberg JB; Barrow JD; Berengut JC; Webb JK; Dougan D; Hu J, 2014, Do the constants of nature couple to strong gravitational fields?

Murphy MT; Berengut JC, 2013, Laboratory atomic transition data for precise optical quasar absorption spectroscopy

Gossel GH; Berengut JC; Flambaum VV, 2013, Resonance scattering and the passage to bound states in the field of near-black-hole objects

Gossel GH; Berengut JC; Flambaum VV; Gribakin GF, 2013, Dense spectrum of resonances and spin-1/2 particle capture in a near-black-hole metric

Berengut JC; Flambaum VV; Ong A; Webb JK; Barrow JD; Barstow MA; Preval SP; Holberg JB, 2013, Limits on the dependence of the fine-structure constant on gravitational potential from white-dwarf spectra

Berengut JC; Epelbaum E; Flambaum VV; Hanhart C; Meißner U-G; Nebreda J; Peláez JR, 2013, Varying the light quark mass: impact on the nuclear force and Big Bang nucleosynthesis

Stadnik YV; Gossel GH; Flambaum VV; Berengut JC, 2012, Resonant scattering of light in a near-black-hole metric

Spencer-Smith AF; Gossel GH; Berengut JC; Flambaum VV, 2012, Bound states of spin-half particles in a static gravitational field close to the black hole field

Berengut JC; Dzuba VA; Flambaum VV; Ong A, 2012, Highly charged ions with E1, M1, and E2 transitions within laser range

Berengut JC; Dzuba VA; Flambaum VV; Ong A, 2012, Optical transitions in highly-charged californium ions with high sensitivity to variation of the fine-structure constant

Berengut JC; Kava EM; Flambaum VV, 2012, A reanalysis of quasar absorption spectra results suggesting a spatial gradient in values of the fine-structure constant

Berengut JC; Dzuba VA; Flambaum VV, 2011, Transitions in Zr, Hf, Ta, W, Re, Hg, Ac and U ions with high sensitivity to variation of the fine-structure constant

Berengut JC; Flambaum VV; Kava EM, 2011, Search for variation of fundamental constants and violations of fundamental symmetries using isotope comparisons

Curran SJ; Tanna A; Koch FE; Berengut JC; Webb JK; Stark AA; Flambaum VV, 2011, Measuring space-time variation of the fundamental constants with redshifted submillimetre transitions of neutral carbon

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