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Lancaster K; Rhodes T, 2022, 'The Thing We Call Evidence: Toward a Situated Ontology of Evidence in Policy', in Elhers S; Esselborn S (ed.), Evidence in Action between Science and Society: Constructing, Validating, and Contesting Knowledge, Routledge, pp. 145 - 164

Barrett L; Ritter A; Lancaster K; Seear K, 2021, 'Stigma and discrimination', in Haber P; Riordan B (ed.), Guidelines for the Treatment of Alcohol Problems, Specialty of Addiction Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health, The University of Sydney., Sydney, pp. 31 - 36,

Lancaster K; Rhodes T, 2021, 'Falling Short of 90-90-90: How Missed Targets Govern Disease Elimination', in Bernays S; Bourne A; Kippax S; Aggleton P; Parker R (ed.), Remaking HIV Prevention in the 21st Century. Social Aspects of HIV, Springer, pp. 219 - 233,

Nathan S; Newman C; Lancaster K, 2019, 'Qualitative interviewing', in Handbook of Research Methods in Health Social Sciences, pp. 391 - 410,

Ritter A; Lancaster KS, 2018, 'Multiple Streams', in Hoppe R; Colebatch H (ed.), Handbook on the Policy, Process and Governing, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, pp. 232 - 252,

Nathan S; Newman CE; Lancaster K, 2018, 'Qualitative interviewing', in Liamputtong P (ed.), Handbook of Research Methods in Health Social Sciences, Springer,

Ritter A; Lancaster KS, 2017, 'Making Drugs Policy: Policy Models and Influences on Policy Processes', in Ritter A; Trevor K; Lee N (ed.), Drug Use in Australian Society, Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, Victoria, pp. 266 - 291,,-nursing-and-social-work/9780190306458-drug-use-in-australian-society

Ritter A; Lancaster K, 2013, 'Policy models and influences on policy processes', in Ritter A; King T; Hamilton M (ed.), Drug Use in Australian Society, edn. 1, Oxford University Press, Australia, pp. 99 - 132,

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