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Roberts P; Scott SV; Cranney J; Cumming TM; Angstmann E; Nehme M; Watson K, 2024, 'Design principles for dual mode readiness in an uncertain future', Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 61, pp. 240 - 250,

Cumming TM; Bugge ASJ; Kriss K; McArthur I; Watson K; Jiang Z, 2023, 'Diversified: promoting co-production in course design and delivery', Frontiers in Education, 8,

Watson K; McIntyre S; McArthur I, 2011, 'Trust and Relationship Building: Critical Skills for the Future of Design Education in Online Contexts', Iridescent, 1, pp. 22 - 29,

Watson K; Mcintyre SD; Mcarthur IW, 2009, 'Trust and relationship building: Critical skills for the future of design education in online contexts', Iridescent: Icograda Journal of Design Research, 1, pp. 22 - 29,

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