Select Publications

Edited Books

Bishop K; Dimoulias K, (ed.), 2024, The Routledge Handbook on the Influence of Built Environments on Diverse Childhoods, Routledge, New York

Bishop K; Corkery L, (ed.), 2023, The Routledge Handbook of Urban Landscape Research, Routledge, New York

Bishop KG; Marshall N, (ed.), 2020, Routledge Handbook of People and Place in the 21st Century City, Routledge, New York

Bishop KG; Corkery LF, (ed.), 2017, Designing cities with children and young people: Beyond playgrounds and skate parks, Routledge, New York

Bishop KG, (ed.), 2009, Involving Children and Young People in Research. A compendium of papers and reflections from a Think Tank co‐hosted by the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth and the New South Wales Commission for Children and Young People on 11 November 2008., ARACY and the NSW Commission for Children and Young People, Canberra, Australia

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