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Steinmetz C; Rahmat H; Marshall N; Bishop K; Thompson S; Park M; Corkery L; Tietz C, 2020, 'Liking, Tweeting and Posting: An Analysis of Community Engagement through Social Media Platforms', Urban Policy and Research, pp. 1 - 21,

Aminpour F; Bishop K; Corkery L, 2019, 'The hidden value of in-between spaces within outdoor school environments for children's self-directed play.', Journal of Landscape and Urban Planning

Samaratunga G; Ding L; Bishop K; Prasad D; Yee K, 2017, 'Modelling and analysis of post- occupancy behaviour in residential buildings to inform BASIX sustainability assessments in NSW.', Science Direct, vol. 180, pp. 344 - 355,

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Bishop KG; Marshall N, 2014, 'Towards an evidence-based model for assessing urban squares as social places.', International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social and Community Studies, vol. 9, pp. 33 - 44,

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Bishop K; Said I, 2011, 'Reflections on the challenges of completing participatory qualitative research in a hospital setting in Malaysia and Australia', Asian Journal of Environment-Behaviour Studies, vol. 2, pp. 1 - 11

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Bishop KG, 2009, 'Through children’s eyes: Understanding how to create supportive healthcare environments for children and adolescents', World Health Design Journal, pp. 61 - 67

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