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Cortés KR; Glover AS; Tasci M, 2020, 'The Unintended Consequences of Employer Credit Check Bans for Labor Markets', The Review of Economics and Statistics,

Cortés KR; Demyanyk Y; Li L; Loutskina E; Strahan PE, 2019, 'Stress tests and small business lending', Journal of Financial Economics, 136, pp. 260 - 279,

Cortés KR; Strahan PE, 2017, 'Tracing out capital flows: How financially integrated banks respond to natural disasters', Journal of Financial Economics, 125, pp. 182 - 199,

Cortés K; Duchin R; Sosyura D, 2016, 'Clouded judgment: The role of sentiment in credit origination', Journal of Financial Economics, 121, pp. 392 - 413,

Cortés KR; Lerner J, 2013, 'Bridging the gap? Government subsidized lending and access to capital', The Review of Corporate Finance Studies, 2, pp. 98 - 128,

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