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Craft WJ; Ding L; Prasad D, 2017, 'Development of Regenerative Design Principles for Building Retrofits', in WSBE17 Hong Kong - Conference Proceedings, Construction Industry Council and Hong Kong Green Building Council Limited, Hong Kong, pp. 716 - 721, presented at World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2017 Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 05 June 2017 - 07 June 2017,

Xiao P; Ding L; Prasad D, 2014, 'Modelling Adaptive Building Energy Systems and Human Behaviour: An Agent-Based Modelling Approach', in Grand Renewable Energy 2014

Zhao W; Ding L; Cooper P; Perez P; Robinson DA, 2014, 'Smart home system: integration of energy facilities and environmental factors', in Proceedings of the 7th international conference EEDAL’13 energy efficiency in domestic appliances and lighting

Zhao W; Cooper P; Perez P; Ding L, 2013, 'Cost-Driven Residential Energy Management for Adaption of Smart Grid and Local Power Generation', in Cost-Driven Residential Energy Management for Adaption of Smart Grid and Local Power Generation

Lawrence TM; Watson RT; Boudreau M-C; Johnson K; Mohammadpour J; Ding L, 2013, 'Smart Buildings Systems for Adaptation to the Coming Smart Grid', in Proceedings Clima

Lawrence T; Watson RT; Perry J; Boudreau MC; Ding L, 2012, 'Facilities management and modelling: Applying energy informatics to buildings', in The Fifth International Conference on Energy Research & Development

Morris J; Ballesty S; Ding L; Drogemuller R; Mitchell J; Schevers H; Leifer D; Schwede D; Wu J; Henrikson J; others , 2006, 'An integrated collaborative approach for FM-Sydney Opera house FM exemplar', CRC for Construction Innovation, CRC for Construction Innovation

Wu J; Leifer D; Ballesty S; Ding L, 2006, 'Benchmarking facilities management in performing arts centres: An organizational learning perspective.', in The 10th Pacific Association of Quantity Surveyors Congress

Rosenman MA; Smith G; Ding L; Marchant D; Maher ML, 2005, 'Multidisciplinary design in virtual worlds', Springer, pp. 433 - 442

Ding L; Drogemuller R; Rosenman MA; Gero JS, 2004, 'Automated code checking', in Automated code checking

Maher ML; Liew PS; Gu N; Ding L, 2003, 'An agent approach to supporting collaborative design in 3d virtual worlds', in Proceedings of the International Conference on Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe, pp. 47 - 52

Ding L; Gero JS, 1998, 'Emerging Chinese traditional architectural style using genetic engineering', in International Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Engineering, HUST Press, Wuhan, China, pp. 493 - 498

Gero JS; Ding L, 1997, 'Learning emergent style using an evolutionary approach', in Learning emergent style using an evolutionary approach

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