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Snoll B; Ivanovic R; Gregoire L; Sherriff-Tadano S; Menviel L; Obase T; Abe-Ouchi A; Bouttes N; He C; He F; Kapsch M; Mikolajewicz U; Muglia J; Valdes P, 2023, Supplementary material to "A multi-model assessment of the early last deglaciation (PMIP4 LDv1): The meltwater paradox reigns supreme", ,

Menviel LC; Spence P; Kiss AE; Chamberlain MA; Hayashida H; England MH; Waugh D, 2023, Supplementary material to "Enhanced Southern Ocean CO2 outgassing as a result of stronger and poleward shifted southern hemispheric westerlies", ,

Goosse H; Barriat P-Y; Brovkin V; Klein F; Meissner K; Menviel L; Mouchet A, 2022, Contribution of climate variability, land-use and Southern Ocean dynamics to changes in atmospheric CO2 concentration over the past two millennia, ,

Menviel L; Govin A; Avenas A; Meissner K; Grant K; Tzedakis P, 2022, Drivers of the evolution and amplitude of African Humid Periods, ,

Green RA; Menviel L; Meissner KJ; Crosta X, 2020, Supplementary material to "Evaluating seasonal sea-ice cover over the Southern Ocean from the Last Glacial Maximum", Copernicus GmbH, ,

Yeung NKH; Menviel L; Meissner KJ; Taschetto AS; Ziehn T; Chamberlain M, 2020, Supplementary material to "Weak Southern Hemispheric monsoons during the Last Interglacial period", Copernicus GmbH, ,

Shao J; Stott LD; Menviel L; Ridgwell A; Ödalen M; Mohtadi M, 2020, Supplementary material to "The Atmospheric Bridge Communicated the δ<sup>13</sup>C Decline during the Last Deglaciation to the Global Upper Ocean", Copernicus GmbH, ,

Bengtson SA; Menviel LC; Meissner KJ; Missiaen L; Peterson CD; Lisiecki LE; Joos F, 2020, Supplementary material to "Lower oceanic ?<sup>13</sup>C during the Last Interglacial compared to the Holocene", Copernicus GmbH, ,

Lowry DP; Golledge NR; Menviel L; Bertler NAN, 2019, Supplementary material to "Deglacial evolution of regional Antarctic climate and Southern Ocean conditions in transient climate simulations", Copernicus GmbH, ,

Menviel L; Capron E; Govin A; Dutton A; Tarasov L; Abe-Ouchi A; Drysdale R; Gibbard P; Gregoire L; He F; Ivanovic R; Kageyama M; Kawamura K; Landais A; Otto-Bliesner BL; Oyabu I; Tzedakis P; Wolff E; Zhang X, 2018, Supplementary material to "The penultimate deglaciation: protocol for PMIP4 transient numerical simulations between 140 and 127 ka", Copernicus GmbH, ,

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