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Saini H; Pontes G; Brown JR; Drysdale R; Du Y; Menviel L, 2024, Australasian hydroclimate response to the collapse of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation under pre-industrial and Last Interglacial climates, ,

Liu M; Prentice I; Menviel L; Cai W; Harrison S, 2024, Rapid ice-age warming events amplified by strong vegetation-albedo feedback, ,

Marza A-C; Menviel L; Skinner LC, 2023, Towards the construction of regional marine radiocarbon calibration curves: an unsupervised machine learning approach, ,

Obase T; Menviel L; Abe-Ouchi A; Vadsaria T; Ivanovic R; Snoll B; Sherriff-Tadano S; Valdes P; Gregoire L; Kapsch M-L; Mikolajewicz U; Bouttes N; Roche D; Lhardy F; He C; Otto-Bliesner B; Liu Z; Chan W-L, 2023, Multi-model assessment of the deglacial climatic evolution at high southern latitudes, ,

Saini H; Meissner KJ; Kvale KF; Menviel L, 2023, Transient response of Southern Ocean ecosystems during Heinrich stadials, ,

Snoll B; Ivanovic R; Gregoire L; Sherriff-Tadano S; Menviel L; Obase T; Abe-Ouchi A; Bouttes N; He C; He F; Kapsch M; Mikolajewicz U; Muglia J; Valdes P, 2023, A multi-model assessment of the early last deglaciation (PMIP4 LDv1): The meltwater paradox reigns supreme, ,

Gray W; de Lavergne C; Wills R; Menviel L; Spence P; Holzer M; Kageyama M; Michel E, 2023, Poleward shift in the Southern Hemisphere westerly winds synchronous with the deglacial rise in CO2, ,

Menviel LC; Spence P; Kiss AE; Chamberlain MA; Hayashida H; England MH; Waugh D, 2023, Enhanced Southern Ocean CO2 outgassing as a result of stronger and poleward shifted southern hemispheric westerlies, ,

Saini H; Meissner KJ; Menviel L; Kvale K, 2022, Impact of iron fertilisation on atmospheric CO2 during the last glaciation, ,

Crosta X; Kohfeld KE; Bostock HC; Chadwick M; Du Vivier A; Esper O; Etourneau J; Jones J; Leventer A; Müller J; Rhodes RH; Allen CS; Ghadi P; Lamping N; Lange C; Lawler K-A; Lund D; Marzocchi A; Meissner KJ; Menviel L; Nair A; Patterson M; Pike J; Prebble JG; Riesselman C; Sadatzki H; Sime LC; Shukla SK; Thöle L; Vorrath M-E; Xiao W; Yang J, 2022, Antarctic sea ice over the past 130,000 years, Part 1: A review of what proxy records tell us, ,

Yeung N; Menviel L; Meissner K; Choudhury D; Ziehn T; Chamberlain M, 2022, Last Interglacial subsurface warming on the Antarctic shelf triggered by reduced deep-ocean convection, ,

Pontes G; Dias PS; Menviel L, 2022, Paleoclimate constrains future El Niño/Southern Oscillation increase, ,

Menviel L; Waugh DW; Spence P; Chamberlain M; Lago V; Li Z; England MH, 2021, Natural carbon release compensates for anthropogenic carbon uptake when Southern Hemispheric westerlies strengthen, ,

Lhardy F; Bouttes N; Roche DM; Abe-Ouchi A; Chase Z; Crichton KA; Ivanovic RF; Jochum M; Kageyama M; Kobayashi H; Menviel L; Muglia J; Nuterman R; Oka A; Vettoretti G; Yamamoto A, 2021, A first intercomparison of the simulated LGM carbon results within PMIP-carbon: role of the ocean boundary conditions, ,

Kageyama M; Sime LC; Sicard M; Guarino M-V; de Vernal A; Schroeder D; Stein R; Malmierca-Vallet I; Abe-Ouchi A; Bitz C; Braconnot P; Brady E; Chamberlain MA; Feltham D; Guo C; Lohmann G; Meissner K; Menviel L; Morozova P; Nisancioglu KH; Otto-Bliesner B; O'ishi R; Sherriff-Tadano S; Stroeve J; Shi X; Sun B; Volodin E; Yeung N; Zhang Q; Zhang Z; Ziehn T, 2020, A multi-model CMIP6 study of Arctic sea ice at 127 ka: Sea ice data compilation and model differences, ,

Otto-Bliesner BL; Brady EC; Zhao A; Brierley C; Axford Y; Capron E; Govin A; Hoffman J; Isaacs E; Kageyama M; Scussolini P; Tzedakis PC; Williams C; Wolff E; Abe-Ouchi A; Braconnot P; Ramos Buarque S; Cao J; de Vernal A; Guarino MV; Guo C; LeGrande AN; Lohmann G; Meissner K; Menviel L; Nisancioglu K; O'ishi R; Salas Y Melia D; Shi X; Sicard M; Sime L; Tomas R; Volodin E; Yeung N; Zhang Q; Zhang Z; Zheng W, 2020, Large-scale features of Last Interglacial climate: Results from evaluating the <i>lig127k</i> simulations for CMIP6-PMIP4, ,

MacDougall AH; Frölicher TL; Jones CD; Rogelj J; Matthews HD; Zickfeld K; Arora VK; Barrett NJ; Brovkin V; Burger FA; Eby M; Eliseev AV; Hajima T; Holden PB; Jeltsch-Thömmes A; Koven C; Menviel L; Michou M; Mokhov II; Oka A; Schwinger J; Séférian R; Shaffer G; Sokolov A; Tachiiri K; Tjiputra J; Wiltshire A; Ziehn T, 2020, Is there warming in the pipeline? A multi-model analysis of the zero emission commitment from CO<sub>2</sub>, ,

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