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Yagound B; West AJ; Richardson MF; Selechnik D; Shine R; Rollins LA, Brain transcriptome analysis reveals gene expression differences associated with dispersal behaviour between range-front and range-core populations of invasive cane toads in Australia,

Hofmeister NR; Stuart K; Warren WC; Werner SJ; Bateson M; Ball GF; Buchanan KL; Burt DW; Cardilini APA; Cassey P; De Meyer T; George J; Meddle SL; Rowland HM; Sherman CDH; Sherwin W; Berghe WV; Rollins LA; Clayton DF, Concurrent invasions by European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) suggest selection on shared genomic regions even after genetic bottlenecks,

Selechnik D; Richardson MF; Shine R; Brown GP; Rollins LA, Immune and environment-driven gene expression during invasion: An eco-immunological application of RNA-Seq,

Eyck HJF; Brown GP; Rollins LA; Shine R, In an arms race between host and parasite, a lungworm’s ability to infect a toad is determined by host susceptibility, not parasite preference,

Selechnik D; Richardson MF; Hess MK; Hess AS; Dodds KG; Martin M; Chan TC; Cardilini APA; Sherman CDH; Shine R; Rollins LA, Inherent population structure determines the importance of filtering parameters for reduced representation sequencing analyses,

Selechnik D; Richardson MF; Shine R; DeVore J; Ducatez S; Rollins LA, Invaders weather the weather: rapid adaptation to a novel environment occurs despite reduced genetic diversity,

Cardilini APA; Stuart KC; Cassey P; Richardson MF; Sherwin W; Rollins LA; Sherman CDH, Signatures of selection in a recent invasion reveals adaptive divergence in a highly vagile invasive species,

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