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Wang KK; Cheng MM; Chang LJ, 2023, 'Reducing Strategy Surrogation: The Effects of Performance Measurement System Flexibility and Environmental Dynamism', Accounting Review, 98, pp. 435 - 456,

Chang LJ, 2022, 'ABC Cost Driver Framing and Altering the Balance of Power in Customer-Supplier Negotiations', Accounting Review, 97, pp. 149 - 171,

Chang LJ; Cheng MM; Trotman KT, 2013, 'The effect of outcome and process accountability on customer-supplier negotiations', Accounting Organizations and Society, 38, pp. 93 - 107,

Chang LJ; Cheng MM; Trotman KT, 2008, 'The effect of framing and negotiation partner's objective on judgments about negotiated transfer prices', Accounting Organizations and Society, 33, pp. 704 - 717

Chang LJ; Birkett B, 2004, 'Managing intellectual capital in a professional service firm: exploring the creativity-productivity paradox', Management Accounting Research, 15, pp. 7 - 31

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