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Firth C; Dunn K; Haeusler MH; Sun Y, 2022, 'Anthropomorphic soft robotic end-effector for use with collaborative robots in the construction industry', Automation in Construction, vol. 138, pp. 104218 - 104218,

Criado-Perez C; Shinkle GA; Höllerer MA; Sharma A; Collins C; Gardner N; Hank Haeusler M; Pan S, 2022, 'Digital Transformation in the Australian AEC Industry: Prevailing Issues and Prospective Leadership Thinking', Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, vol. 148,

Haeusler MH; Gardner N; Yu DK; Oh C; Huang B, 2021, '(Computationally) designing out waste: Developing a computational design workflow for minimising construction and demolition waste in early-stage architectural design', International Journal of Architectural Computing, vol. 19, pp. 594 - 611,

Reinhardt D; Haeusler MH; London K; Loke L; Feng Y; De Oliveira Barata E; Firth C; Dunn K; Khean N; Fabbri A; Wozniak-O’Connor D; Masuda R, 2020, 'CoBuilt 4.0: Investigating the potential of collaborative robotics for subject matter experts', International Journal of Architectural Computing, vol. 18, pp. 353 - 370,

Zavoleas Y; Haeusler M; Dunn K; Bishop M; Dafforn K; Schaefer N; Sedano F; Yu DK, 2020, 'Designing Bio-Shelters: Improving Water Quality and Biodiversity in the Bays Precinct through Dynamic Data-Driven Approaches', Journal of Digital Landscape Architecture, vol. 5-2020, pp. 521 - 532,

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Fabbri A; Dunstan B; Haeusler M, 2018, 'HRI for the Construction Industry: Challenging Architectural Fabrication towards Collaborative Artisanal Choreographies', International Journal of Architectural Computing, vol. 16

Haeusler MH; Hespanhol L; Hoggenmueller M, 2018, 'ParticipationPlus: Documenting a design process of a media architecture installation in the second digital turn era', Smart and Sustainable Built Environment, vol. 7, pp. 133 - 149,

Tomitsch M; Haeusler MH, 2015, 'Infostructures: Towards a Complementary Approach for Solving Urban Challenges through Digital Technologies', Journal of Urban Technology, vol. 22, pp. 37 - 53,

Haeusler M, 2013, 'Unpacking the full potential of media facades through a fusion with Kinect technology', International Journal of Knowledge-Based Development, vol. 4, pp. 141 - 156,

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