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Langford ME, 2011, A Year of Triumph and Tragedy: Iranian Cinema and the First Iranian Film Festival Australia (IFFA), Senses of Cinema of Incorporated,

Langford ME, 2009, Displaced Allegories: post-revolutionary Iranian cinema, Senses of Cinema of Incorporated

Langford ME, 2009, Teaching ethnic diversity with film, Heldref Publications

Langford ME, 2007, `Shadows, specters, shards`: Making history in avant-garde film, Journal Film Video

Langford ME, 2007, Iranian Cinema Looks Inward: The 25th Fajr International Film Festival, Senses of Cinema of Incorporated,

Langford ME, 2006, Paula Rabinowitz, Black & White & Noir: America`s Pulp Modernism, Australian and New Zealand American Studies Association

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