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Conference Abstracts

Mouat M; Jackson K; Coleman J; Paterson M; Graham R; Head G; Smith N, 2020, 'Deletion of orphan GPCR, GPR37L1, alters autonomic control of cardiovascular homeostasis in mice', in BRITISH JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY, WILEY, ELECTR NETWORK, Vol. 178, pp. 444 - 445, presented at 2000 Meeting of the British-Pharmacological-Society (PHARMACOLOGY), ELECTR NETWORK, 14 December 2020 - 18 December 2020,

Montgomery MK; Brandon AE; O'Reilly L; Osborne B; Fiveash CE; Brown SH; Smith NJ; Mitchell TW; Biden TJ; Cooney GJ; Turner N, 2016, 'The free fatty acid receptor GPR84: A new player in glucose tolerance and mitochondrial function?', in DIABETOLOGIA, SPRINGER, GERMANY, Munich, Vol. 59, pp. S322 - S322, presented at 52nd Annual Meeting of the European-Association-for-the-Study-of-Diabetes (EASD), GERMANY, Munich, 12 September 2016 - 16 September 2016,

Foster SR; Porrello ER; Stefani M; Smith NJ; Molenaar P; dos Remedios CG; Thomas WG; Ramialison M, 2014, 'Transcriptional Regulation of Taste Receptor Genes: Novel Insights From In Silico and Cardiac Gene Expression Analyses', in CHEMICAL SENSES, OXFORD UNIV PRESS, AUSTRALIA, Brisbane, Vol. 40, pp. 366 - 367, presented at 15th Scientific Meeting of the Australasian-Association-for-ChemoSensory-Science (AACSS), AUSTRALIA, Brisbane, 03 December 2014 - 05 December 2014,

Nicks AM; Li M; Wu J; Kesteven SH; Fenely MP; Smith NJ; Iismaa SE; Graham RM, 2014, 'A SURGICAL MODEL OF HYPERTENSION AND LEFT VENTRICULAR HYPERTROPHY IN MICE BY SUPRARENAL AORTIC CONSTRICTION', in HYPERTENSION, LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS, AUSTRALIA, Adelaide, Vol. 65, pp. E39 - E39, presented at 36th Annual Scientific Meeting of the High-Blood-Pressure-Research-Council-of-Australia (HBPRCA), AUSTRALIA, Adelaide, 26 November 2014 - 28 November 2014,

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