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Eassey C; Hughes CE; Wadds P; de Andrade D; Barratt MJ, 2024, 'A systematic review of interventions that impact alcohol and other drug-related harms in licensed entertainment settings and outdoor music festivals', Harm Reduction Journal, 21,

Wadds P; Doran CM; Shakeshaft A; Tran DA, 2023, '“It’s like a safety net for when things go wrong”: key stakeholder and program user perspectives on a peer-led safe space program in Sydney, Australia', Harm Reduction Journal, 20, pp. 129,

Baillie G; Fileborn B; Wadds P, 2022, 'Gendered Responses to Gendered Harms: Sexual Violence and Bystander Intervention at Australian Music Festivals', Violence Against Women, 28, pp. 711 - 739,

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Fileborn B; Wadds P; Tomsen S, 2020, 'Sexual Harassment and Violence at Australian Music Festivals: Reporting practices and experiences of festival attendees', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology

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Miller P; Pennay A; Jenkinson R; Droste N; Chikritzhs T; Tomsen S; Wadds P; Jones S; Palmer D; Barrie L; Lubman D, 2013, 'Patron offending and intoxication in night time entertainment districts (POINTED) : a study protocol', International Journal of Alcohol and Drug Research, 2, pp. 69 - 76

Wadds P, 2010, 'Raising the Bar: Preventing aggression in and around bars, pubs and clubs, Kathryn Graham and Ross Homel', Current Issues in Criminal Justice, 22, pp. 185 - 187,

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