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Christopher D; Wadds P; Shakeshaft A; Tran DA, 2020, Evaluation of the Take Kare Safe Space Program,,

Fileborn B; Wadds P; Tomsen S, 2019, Safety and Sexual Violence at Australian Music Festivals: Final Report,

Lubman D; Peacock A; Droste N; Pennay A; Miller P; Bruno R; Lloyd B; Hyder S; Roxburgh A; Wadds PJ; Tomsen S; Brown J, 2013, Alcohol and Energy Drinks in NSW: A Report Prepared for NSW Health

Miller P; Pennay A; Droste N; Jenkinson R; Quinn B; Chikritzhs T; Tomsen S; Wadds PJ; Jones S; Palmer D; Barrie L; Lam T; Gilmore W; Lubman D, 2013, Patron Offending and Intoxication in Night-time Entertainment Districts (POINTED) : Final Report, NDLERF, Monograph Series no. 46

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