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Faraji Rad Z; Nordon RE; Davies GJ; Anthony CJ; Prewett P, 2016, Microfluidic devices and fabrication, Patent No. WO 2016033652 A1; China patent no. ZL201580057081.1; United States patent no. 10850082, Australia 2021 pat no. 2015311618,

Hayball JD; Diener KR; Christo S; Nordon RE; Christo FC, 2015, Analysing intracellular calcium flux in cells including T cells, Patent No. WO 2015017889 A1

Nordon RE, 2007, Method and apparatus for culturing cells, Patent No. US 20070122904 A1

Nordon RE; Milthorpe BK; Slowiacek PR; Schindhelm K, 1998, Cell separation device, Patent No. US5,763,194

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