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Alharbi Y; Otton J; Muller D; Lovell NH; Al Abed A; Dokos S, 2018, 'Patient-specific LV fluid dynamics analysis to guide percutaneous mitral valve implantation', in EUROPEAN HEART JOURNAL, OXFORD UNIV PRESS, GERMANY, Munich, Vol. 39, pp. 510 - 510, presented at European-Society-of-Cardiology Congress, GERMANY, Munich, 25 August 2018 - 29 August 2018,

Carlson K; Ketkar R; Dokos S, 2017, 'TO ACHIEVE GREATER EFFICACY IN TUMOR-TREATMENT FIELDS: MODELING BASED ON THE INTRACELLULAR MECHANISMS', in NEURO-ONCOLOGY, OXFORD UNIV PRESS INC, CA, San Francisco, Vol. 19, pp. 79 - 79, presented at Joint Conference of 22nd Annual Scientific Meeting and Education Day of the Society-for-Neuro-Oncology / Conference of the Society-for-CNS-Interstitial-Delivery-of-the-Therapeutics (SCIDOT) on Therapeutic Delivery to the CNS, CA, San Francisco, 15 November 2017 - 19 November 2017,

Szekely D; Dokos S; Vandenberg JI; Hill AP, 2010, 'An Improved Curvilinear Gradient Method for Parameter Estimation in Complex Model Systems: Application to Gating of A Cardiac Ion Channel', in BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL, CELL PRESS, Vol. 98, pp. 140A - 141A,

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