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Conference Presentations

Coleman N; Coleman S, 2014, 'Just War and Gaming', presented at Gaming, War andEthics, Australia, 24 November 2014 - 24 November 2014,

Coleman SM, 2008, 'Just War, Irregular War and Terrorism', presented at International Workshop on Modern Issues in Military Ethics, University of Melbourne, Australia

Coleman SM, 2007, 'Ethical Dilemmas and Tests of Integrity', presented at 2007 Senator John McCain Conference of Service Academies, U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis MD, U.S.A.

Coleman SM, 2007, 'Issues of Military Ethics', presented at Issues of Military Ethics, Duntroon

Coleman SM, 2007, 'Rules of Engagement in Humanitarian Operations: The Military, The Police, and International Peace-keeping', presented at Workshop on Ethics, Technology and People: Shaping Future Military Operations, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of NSW@ADFA

Coleman SM, 2007, 'The Role of Values in Food Regulation', presented at Continuing Education Seminar for Food Standards Australia & New Zealand, Canberra, Australia

Coleman SM, 2006, 'The Military, the Police, and International Peacekeeping', presented at 2006 Conference of the AAPAE (Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics), Sydney, Australia

Coleman SM, 2006, 'Values, Health and Food Regulation', presented at 2006 Conference of the ANZIHLE (Australia & New Zealand Institute of Health Law & Ethics), Brisbane, Australia

Coleman SM, 2004, 'Defending Cosmetic Surgery', presented at 2004 AAPAE Conference, Richmond, NSW

Coleman SM, 2003, 'Conflict of Interest and Police: An Unavoidable Problem', presented at 2003 AAPAE Conference, Melbourne, Australia

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