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Zhang R; Colbran SB; Fisher KJ; Willett GD, 2001, 'A FT/ICR mass spectrometry study of mellitic acid trianhydride [C12O9] with graphite surface-assisted laser desorption ionization and electrospray ionization.', in Gelpi E (ed.), Advances in Mass Spectrometry-Volume 15, edn. Original, John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, pp. 757 - 758

Journal articles

Rahaman A; Lisensky GC; Haukka M; Tocher DA; Richmond MG; Colbran SB; Nordlander E, 2021, 'Proton reduction by phosphinidene-capped triiron clusters', Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 943,

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McPherson JN; Hogue RW; Akogun FS; Bondì L; Luis ET; Price JR; Garden AL; Brooker S; Colbran SB, 2019, 'Predictable Substituent Control of CoIII/II Redox Potential and Spin Crossover in Bis(dipyridylpyrrolide)cobalt Complexes', Inorganic Chemistry, 58, pp. 2218 - 2228,

Das B; Bhadbhade M; Thapper A; Ling CD; Colbran SB, 2019, 'A new tri-nuclear Cu-carbonate cluster utilizing CO2 as a C1-building block-reactive intermediates, a probable mechanism, and EPR and magnetic studies', Dalton Transactions, 48, pp. 3576 - 3582,

Das B; Thapper A; Ott S; Colbran SB, 2019, 'Structural features of molecular electrocatalysts in multi-electron redox processes for renewable energy-recent advances', Sustainable Energy and Fuels, 3, pp. 2159 - 2175,

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Rahaman A; Gimbert-Suriñach C; Ficks A; Ball GE; Bhadbhade M; Haukka M; Higham L; Nordlander E; Colbran SB, 2017, 'Bridgehead isomer effects in bis(phosphido)-bridged diiron hexacarbonyl proton reduction electrocatalysts', Dalton Transactions, 46, pp. 3207 - 3222,

Das B; Ezzedinloo L; Bhadbhade M; Bucknall MP; Colbran SB, 2017, 'Strategic design of a ruthenium catalyst for both CO2 reduction and H2O oxidation: The electronic influence of the co-ligands', Chemical Communications, 53, pp. 10006 - 10009,

McSkimming A; Bhadbhade MM; Colbran SB, 2016, 'Synthesis and (spectro)electrochemical investigations of coordinatively-saturated (cyclopentadienyl)ruthenium-Hantzsch pyridinium/dihydropyridine conjugates', Inorganica Chimica Acta, 444, pp. 103 - 112,

McSkimming A; Chan B; Bhadbhade MM; Ball GE; Colbran SB, 2015, 'Bio-inspired transition metal-organic hydride conjugates for catalysis of transfer hydrogenation: Experiment and theory', Chemistry - A European Journal, 21, pp. 2821 - 2834,

McSkimming A; Chan B; Bhadbhade MM; Ball GE; Colbran SB, 2015, 'Inside Cover: Bio‐Inspired Transition Metal–Organic Hydride Conjugates for Catalysis of Transfer Hydrogenation: Experiment and Theory (Chem. Eur. J. 7/2015)', Chemistry – A European Journal, 21, pp. 2710 - 2710,

McSkimming A; Diachenko V; London R; Olrich K; Onie CJ; Bhadbhade MM; Bucknall MP; Read RW; Colbran SB, 2015, 'ChemInform Abstract: An Easy One‐Pot Synthesis of Diverse 2,5‐Di(2‐pyridyl)pyrroles: A Versatile Entry Point to Metal Complexes of Functionalized, Meridial and Tridentate 2,5‐Di(2‐pyridyl)pyrrolato Ligands.', ChemInform, 46,

McSkimming A; Diachenko V; London R; Olrich K; Onie CJ; Bhadbhade MM; Bucknall MP; Read RW; Colbran SB, 2014, 'An easy one-pot synthesis of diverse 2,5-di(2-pyridyl)pyrroles: A versatile entry point to metal complexes of functionalised, meridial and tridentate 2,5-di(2-pyridyl)pyrrolato ligands', Chemistry - A European Journal, 20, pp. 11445 - 11456,

McSkimming A; Shrestha S; Bhadbhade MM; Thordarson P; Colbran SB, 2014, 'Macrocyclic bis(phenanthroline-pyrrole): A convenient one-pot synthesis, structure(s), spectroscopic, and redox properties, and the binding of amine guests, protons, and lanthanide ions', Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 9, pp. 136 - 145,

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McSkimming A; Bhadbhade M; Colbran SB, 2013, 'Bio-inspired catalytic imine reduction by rhodium complexes with tethered hantzsch pyridinium groups: Evidence for direct hydride transfer from dihydropyridine to metal-activated substrate', Angewandte Chemie (International Edition), 52, pp. 3411 - 3416,

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Gimbert-Surinach C; Bhadbhade M; Colbran SB, 2012, 'Bridgehead hydrogen atoms are important: Unusual electrochemistry and proton reduction at iron dimers with ferrocenyl-substituted phosphido bridges', Organometallics, 31, pp. 3480 - 3491,

Mcskimming A; Ball GE; Bhadbhade MM; Colbran SB, 2012, 'Rhodium complexes of a chelating ligand with imidazol-2-ylidene and pyridin-2-ylidene donors: The effect of C-metalation of nicotinamide groups on uptake of hydride ion', Inorganic Chemistry, 51, pp. 2191 - 2203,

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Redford C; Gimbert-Suriach C; Bhadbhade MM; Colbran SB, 2012, 'Trans-Chloridobis (4-methylpyridine-?N) (4,4', 4?-tri-tert-butyl-2,2':6',2?-terpyridine- ? 3 N,N',N?) ruthenium (II) hexafluoridophosphate acetone monosolvate', ACTA Crystallographica Section E - Structure Reports Online, 68, pp. m300,

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Berben LA; Craig DC; Gimbert-Surinach C; Robinson A; Sugiyarto KH; Colbran SB, 2011, 'Palladium(II) complexes of imidazolin-2-ylidene N-heterocyclic carbene ligands with redox-active dimethoxyphenyl or (hydro)quinonyl substituents', Inorganica Chimica Acta, 370, pp. 374 - 381,

Olijve L; Howe E; Bhadbhade M; Prasad S; Colbran SB; Zhao C; Thordarson P, 2011, 'Structural, Electrochemical and Photochemical Investigation of the Water-soluble Tin(IV) Tetrakis(2-N-hydroxyethyl-4-pyridinium)porphyrin Photocatalyst', Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines, 15, pp. 1345 - 1353,

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Lonnon DG; Colbran SB; Craig DC, 2006, 'Programmed helicity in self-assembled hydrogen-bonded chains of chiral copper(II) complexes', European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, pp. 1190 - 1197

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