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Law H; Mach M; Howe A; Obeid S; Milner B; Carey C; Elfis M; Fsadni B; Ognenovska K; Phan TG; Carey D; Xu Y; Venturi V; Zaunders J; Kelleher AD; Munier CML, 2022, 'Early expansion of CD38+ICOS+ GC Tfh in draining lymph nodes during influenza vaccination immune response', iScience, vol. 25, pp. 103656 - 103656,

Moriarty RV; Golfinos AE; Gellerup DD; Schweigert H; Mathiaparanam J; Balgeman AJ; Weiler AM; Friedrich TC; Keele BF; Davenport MP; Venturi V; OConnor SL, 2021, 'The mucosal barrier and anti-viral immune responses can eliminate portions of the viral population during transmission and early viral growth', PLoS ONE, vol. 16,

Rizzetto S; Eltahla A; Lin P; Bull R; Lloyd A; Ho J; Venturi V; Luciani F, 2017, 'Impact of sequencing depth and read length on single cell RNA sequencing data: lessons from T cells', ,

Valkenburg SA; Venturi V; Dang THY; Bird NL; Doherty PC; Turner SJ; Davenport MP; Kedzierska K, 2012, 'Correction: Early Priming Minimizes the Age-Related Immune Compromise of CD8+T Cell Diversity and Function', PLoS Pathogens, vol. 8,

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