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Chemyshova Y; Leshchynska I; Hsu S-C; Schachner M; Sytnyk V, 2009, 'NCAM targets the exocyst complex to growth cone surface membranes to promote exocytosis of TGN-derived organelles', in EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY, ELSEVIER GMBH, URBAN & FISCHER VERLAG, Konstanz, GERMANY, pp. 12 - 12, presented at 32nd Annual Meeting of the German-Society-for-Cell-Biology, Konstanz, GERMANY, 24 March 2009 - 27 March 2009,

Richard I; Ader M; Sytnyk V; Dityatev A; Richard G; Schachner M; Bartsch U, 2003, 'Efficient transfection of neural stem cells by electroporation', in INVESTIGATIVE OPHTHALMOLOGY & VISUAL SCIENCE, ASSOC RESEARCH VISION OPHTHALMOLOGY INC, FT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, pp. U404 - U404, presented at Annual Meeting of the Association-for-Research-in-Vision-and-Ophthalmology, FT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA,

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