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Conference Abstracts

Del Favero D; Song Y; Moinuddin K; Green C; Sharples J; Ong A; Brohier N, 2023, 'Penumbra2.0', in ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 Art Gallery, ACM, presented at SA Art Gallery '23: ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 Art Gallery,

Song Y; Cai W; Zhou Y; Fulham M; Feng D, 2014, 'Volume-of-interest retrieval for PET-CT images with a conditional random field alignment', in JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE, SOC NUCLEAR MEDICINE INC, MO, St Louis, Vol. 55, presented at Annual Meeting of the Society-of-Nuclear-Medicine-and-Molecular-Imaging (SNMMI), MO, St Louis, 07 June 2014 - 11 June 2014,

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