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Cheng Z; Tani Bertuol M; Wang BZ, 2023, 'Language Training and Humanitarian Migrants’ Host Language Skills', in Immigrant Lives, Oxford University PressNew York, pp. 512 - 525,

Cheng Z; Bertuol MT; Wang BZ, 2023, 'Language Training and Humanitarian Migrants’ Host Language Skills: Recent Evidence from Australia', in Immigrant Lives: Intersectionality, Transnationality, and Global Perspectives, pp. 512 - 525,

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Cheng Z, 2014, 'The new generation of migrant workers in urban China', in Urban China in the New Era: Market Reforms, Current State, and the Road Forward, pp. 125 - 153,

Journal articles

Meng L; Ma C; Zhang Z; Wang W; Zhang L; Cheng Z, 2024, 'Choosing culture or nature: How temporal landmarks affect tourism destination preferences', Tourism Management, 105,

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Cheng Z; Guo W; Pecoraro M; Ruedin D; Tani M, 2023, 'Correction to: Migrants’ Skills Wastage in the Labor Market: A Multidisciplinary Approach for Policy Formation (Social Indicators Research, (2023), 170, 1, (1-2), 10.1007/s11205-023-03182-x)', Social Indicators Research, 170, pp. 3,

Cheng Z; Guo W; Pecoraro M; Ruedin D; Tani M, 2023, 'Migrants’ Skills Wastage in the Labor Market: A Multidisciplinary Approach for Policy Formation', Social Indicators Research, 170, pp. 1 - 2,

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