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Vardaman JM; Maher LP; Sterling CM; Allen DG; Dhaenens AJ, 2023, 'Collective friend group reactions to organizational change: A field theory approach', Journal of Organizational Behavior,

Dhaenens A; Vardaman J, 2020, 'Proximal Benefits of Providing Mentoring Support in Developmental Networks', Academy of Management Proceedings, 2020, pp. 18443 - 18443,

Dhaenens AJ; Marler LE; Vardaman JM; Chrisman JJ, 2018, 'Mentoring in family businesses: Toward an understanding of commitment outcomes', Human Resource Management Review, 28, pp. 46 - 55,

Holt D; Markova G; Dhaenens A; Marler L; Heilmann S, 2016, 'Formal or informal mentoring: What drives employees to seek informal mentors?', Journal of Managerial Issues, 28, pp. 67 - 82

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