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Yuen ACY; Wang W; Li A, 2023, 'Molybdenum disulphide/polymer composites for fire safety applications', in Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials for Fire-Safe Polymers, pp. 235 - 261,

Zhao H; Wu W; Tong Y-Z; Cao X-W; Yuen ACY, 2022, 'Understanding Interfacial Influence on the Properties of One-Dimensional Nanocomposites', in One-Dimensional Polymeric Nanocomposites, CRC Press, pp. 77 - 90,

Kabir II; Wang C; Yuen ACY; Yeoh GH, 2022, 'Cellulose-based flame retardants for polymeric materials', in Bio-based Flame-Retardant Technology for Polymeric Materials, pp. 97 - 131,

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