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Zhou Q; Dong H; Liu L; Wei C; Liang X; Zhang H; Wang L; Lu H; Nie S; Xu L; Yang W; Yang W; Yuen ACY, 2024, 'In-situ surface growth strategy to synthesize MXene@graphdiyne heterostructure for achieving high capacity and desirable stability in lithium-ion batteries', Journal of Power Sources, 603,

Xing S; Wang C; Gao D; Wang W; Yuen ACY; Lee EWM; Yeoh GH; Chan QN, 2024, 'Impact of the Local Dynamics on Exit Choice Behaviour in Evacuation Model', Fire, 7, pp. 167 - 167,

Lei Y; Xu L; Chan QN; Li A; Yin Yuen AC; Yuan Y; Yeoh GH; Wang W, 2024, 'Recent advances in separator design for lithium metal batteries without dendrite formation: Implications for electric vehicles', eTransportation, 20,

Hossain MD; Hassan MK; Saha S; Yuen ACY; Wang C, 2024, 'Alternative fire performance screening method of cladding system using cone calorimeter', Construction and Building Materials, 418,

He Y; Goay ACY; Yuen ACY; Mishra D; Zhou Y; Lu T; Wang D; Liu Y; Boyer C; Wang CH; Zhang J, 2024, 'Bulk Schottky Junctions-Based Flexible Triboelectric Nanogenerators to Power Backscatter Communications in Green 6G Networks', Advanced Science, 11,

De Cachinho Cordeiro IM; Chen TBY; Yuen ACY; Chen Q; Yang W; Wang C; Wang W; Chan QN; Zhang J; Yeoh GH, 2024, 'Characterising flame-retardant mechanism of phosphorous-containing intumescent coating on polyethylene via ReaxFF MD simulations', Chemical Engineering Journal, 480,

Xing S; Wang C; Wang W; Cao RF; Yuen ACY; Lee EWM; Yeoh GH; Chan QN, 2024, 'A fine discrete floor field cellular automaton model with natural step length for pedestrian dynamics', Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 130,

Li J; Wang C; Abdoli S; Yuen ACY; Kook S; Yeoh GH; Chan QN, 2024, 'Economic burden of transport related pollution in Australia', Journal of Transport and Health, 34,

Buddhacosa N; Giustozzi F; Wang C; Yuen ACY; Khatibi A; Das R; Kandare E, 2024, 'High temperature and fire properties of sustainable syntactic foam reinforced by end-of-life tyre-derived rubber particles', Fire and Materials,

Hossain MD; Saha S; Hassan MK; Yuen ACY; Wang C, 2023, 'Establishing pyrolysis kinetics for fire modelling and thermal analysis of polymeric cladding materials used in high-rise buildings', Case Studies in Construction Materials, 19,

Pan W; Zhou Q; Yang W; Nie S; Xu L; Wei C; Lu H; Yang W; Yuen ACY, 2023, 'MXene-wrapped zinc hydroxystannate nanocubes toward reducing the heat, smoke and toxicity hazards of ABS resin', Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 148, pp. 12467 - 12479,

Wang W; Wang C; Yuen ACY; Li A; Lin B; Yuan Y; Ma C; Han Y; Yeoh GH, 2023, '3D MXene frameworks for flame retardant hydrophobic polymer nanocomposites', Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 173, pp. 107673,

Baena JC; Wang C; Kabir II; Khalid A; Nazir MT; Yuen ACY; Ahmad F; Yeoh GH, 2023, 'Fire behaviour of waterborne intumescent coatings on timber substrate for bushfire exposure', Fire Safety Journal, 140,

Chulikavit N; Wang C; Huynh T; Yuen ACY; Khatibi A; Kandare E, 2023, 'Fireproofing flammable composites using mycelium: Investigating the effect of deacetylation on the thermal stability and fire reaction properties of mycelium', Polymer Degradation and Stability, 215,

Yang W; Zhou Q; Pan W; Zhu SE; Wei C; Lu H; Yang W; Yuen ACY, 2023, 'Synthesis of vanillin-based porphyrin for remarkably enhancing the toughness, UV-resistance and self-extinguishing properties of polylactic acid', Chemical Engineering Journal, 469,

Liang J; Yang W; Yuen ACY; De Cachinho Cordeiro IM; Qiu S; Zhang J; Wu W; Hu Y; Yeoh GH, 2023, 'Corrigendum to “A novel green IFR system: Design of a self-assembled peanut shell-based flame retardant and its fire performance in EP” [Prog. Org. Coat. 174 (2023) 107277] (Progress in Organic Coatings (2023) 174, (S0300944022005744), (10.1016/j.porgcoat.2022.107277))', Progress in Organic Coatings, 180,

Kabir II; Carlos Baena J; Wang W; Wang C; Oliver S; Nazir MT; Khalid A; Fu Y; Yuen ACY; Yeoh GH, 2023, 'Optimisation of Additives to Maximise Performance of Expandable Graphite-Based Intumescent-Flame-Retardant Polyurethane Composites', Molecules, 28,

Chen TBY; Liu L; Yuen ACY; Chen Q; Yeoh GH, 2023, 'A multiphase approach for pyrolysis modelling of polymeric materials', Experimental and Computational Multiphase Flow, 5, pp. 199 - 211,

Chulikavit N; Huynh T; Wang C; Yuen ACY; Khatibi A; Mouritz A; Kandare E, 2023, 'Engineering mycelium fungi into an effective char-forming thermal protection material via alkaline deacetylation', Polymer Degradation and Stability, 212,

Liu H; De Cachinho Cordeiro IM; Yuen ACY; Wang C; Li A; Yeoh GH, 2023, 'Numerical modeling of wet steam infused fluid mixture for potential fire suppression applications', Experimental and Computational Multiphase Flow, 5, pp. 142 - 148,

Hossain MD; Hassan MK; Saha S; Yuen ACY; Wang C; George L; Wuhrer R, 2023, 'Thermal and Pyrolysis Kinetics Analysis of Glass Wool and XPS Insulation Materials Used in High-Rise Buildings', Fire, 6,

Cao X; Huang J; Tang Z; Tong Y; Yuen ACY; Zhao W; Huang Q; Li RKY; Wu W, 2023, 'Self-assembled biobased chitosan hybrid carrying N/P/B elements for polylactide with enhanced fire safety and mechanical properties', International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 236,

Li A; Weng J; Yuen ACY; Wang W; Liu H; Lee EWM; Wang J; Kook S; Yeoh GH, 2023, 'Machine learning assisted advanced battery thermal management system: A state-of-the-art review', Journal of Energy Storage, 60,

Cao RF; Lee EWM; Xie W; Gao DL; Chen Q; Yuen ACY; Yeoh GH; Yuen RKK, 2023, 'Development of an agent-based indoor evacuation model for local fire risks analysis', Journal of Safety Science and Resilience, 4, pp. 75 - 92,

De Cachinho Cordeiro IM; Liu H; Yuen ACY; Chen TBY; Li A; Yeoh GH, 2023, 'Numerical assessment of LES subgrid-scale turbulence models for expandable particles in fire suppression', Experimental and Computational Multiphase Flow, 5, pp. 99 - 110,

Baena JC; Wang C; Fu Y; Kabir II; Yuen ACY; Peng Z; Yeoh GH, 2023, 'A new fabrication method of designed metamaterial based on a 3D-printed structure for underwater sound absorption applications', Applied Acoustics, 203,

Wan Q; Zhai G; Wang C; Yuen ACY; Medwell PR; Kook S; Yeoh GH; Chan QN, 2023, 'A parametric investigation of methane jets in direct-injection compression-ignition conditions', Fuel, 334,

Wan Q; Zhai G; Wang C; Evans MJ; Medwell PR; Yuen ACY; Kook S; Yeoh GH; Chan QN, 2023, 'Parametric Study of Autoigniting Hydrogen-Methane Jets in Direct-Injection Engine Conditions', Energy and Fuels, 37, pp. 644 - 656,

Liang J; Yang W; Yuen ACY; Cordeiro IMDC; Qiu S; Zhang J; Wu W; Hu Y; Yeoh GH, 2023, 'A novel green IFR system: Design of a self-assembled peanut shell-based flame retardant and its fire performance in EP', Progress in Organic Coatings, 174,

Liu H; Cachinho Cordeiro IMD; Yin Yuen AC; Chan QN; Kook S; Yeoh GH, 2023, 'Application of multi-parametric characterization to water-based fire suppression systems in compartment fire scenarios', Numerical Heat Transfer; Part A: Applications, 83, pp. 1111 - 1129,

Wang W; Yuen ACY; Yuan Y; Liao C; Li A; Kabir II; Kan Y; Hu Y; Yeoh GH, 2023, 'Nano architectured halloysite nanotubes enable advanced composite separator for safe lithium metal batteries', Chemical Engineering Journal, 451,

Fang X; Yuen ACY; Yeoh GH; Lee EWM; Cheung SCP, 2023, 'Numerical study on using vortex flow to improve smoke exhaust efficiency in large-scale atrium fires', Indoor and Built Environment, 32, pp. 98 - 115,

Weng J; Huang Q; Li X; Zhang G; Ouyang D; Chen M; Yuen ACY; Li A; Lee EWM; Yang W; Wang J; Yang X, 2022, 'Safety issue on PCM-based battery thermal management: Material thermal stability and system hazard mitigation', Energy Storage Materials, 53, pp. 580 - 612,

Yuan Y; Liang C; Yuen ACY; Xu L; Yu B; Cao C; Wang W, 2022, 'Design of Hierarchically Tailored Hybrids Based on Nickle Nanocrystal-Decorated Manganese Dioxides for Enhanced Fire Safety of Epoxy Resin', International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23,

Li A; Yuen ACY; Wang W; Weng J; Lai CS; Kook S; Yeoh GH, 2022, 'Thermal Propagation Modelling of Abnormal Heat Generation in Various Battery Cell Locations', Batteries, 8,

Liu H; Wen C; Yuen ACY; Han Y; Cheung SCP; Kook S; Yeoh GH, 2022, 'A novel thermal management system for battery packs in hybrid electrical vehicles utilising waste heat recovery', International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 195, pp. 123199,

Chen TBY; Yuen ACY; De Cachinho Cordeiro IM; Liu H; Cao R; Ellison A; Yeoh GH, 2022, 'In-Depth Assessment of Cross-Passage Critical Velocity for Smoke Control in Large-Scale Railway Tunnel Fires', Fire, 5,

Tong Y; Wu W; Zhao W; Xing Y; Zhang H; Wang C; Chen TBY; Yuen ACY; Yu B; Cao X; Yi X, 2022, 'Nanohybrid of Co3O4 Nanoparticles and Polyphosphazene-Decorated Ultra-Thin Boron Nitride Nanosheets for Simultaneous Enhancement in Fire Safety and Smoke Suppression of Thermoplastic Polyurethane', Polymers, 14,

Li A; Yuen ACY; Wang W; Weng J; Yeoh GH, 2022, 'Numerical investigation on the thermal management of lithium-ion battery system and cooling effect optimization', Applied Thermal Engineering, 215,

De Cachinho Cordeiro IM; Liu H; Yuen ACY; Chen TBY; Li A; Wang C; Cao R; Yeoh GH, 2022, 'On the Large Eddy Simulation Modelling of Water Suppression Systems Droplet Impact and Coverage Area', Fire, 5,

He Y; Wu S; Yuen ACY; Huang F; Boyer C; Wang CH; Zhang J, 2022, 'Scalable Manufacturing Process and Multifunctional Performance of Cotton Fibre-Reinforced Poly(Lactic Acid) (PLA) Bio-Composites Coated by Graphene Oxide', Polymers, 14,

Doley PM; Yuen ACY; Kabir I; Liu L; Wang C; Chen TBY; Yeoh GH, 2022, 'Thermal Hazard and Smoke Toxicity Assessment of Building Polymers Incorporating TGA and FTIR—Integrated Cone Calorimeter Arrangement', Fire, 5,

Lin B; Yuen ACY; Oliver S; Liu J; Yu B; Yang W; Wu S; Yeoh GH; Wang CH, 2022, 'Dual functionalisation of polyurethane foam for unprecedented flame retardancy and antibacterial properties using layer-by-layer assembly of MXene chitosan with antibacterial metal particles', Composites Part B: Engineering, 244,

Fang X; Yuen ACY; Lee EWM; Tu J; Cheung S, 2022, 'Capturing the flame structure and the transition process of the fire whirl using two combustion kinetic considerations', International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat and Fluid Flow, 32, pp. 3360 - 3387,

Zhu SE; Yang WJ; Zhou Y; Pan WH; Wei CX; Yuen ACY; Chen TBY; Yeoh GH; Lu HD; Yang W, 2022, 'Synthesis of zinc porphyrin complex for improving mechanical, UV-resistance, thermal stability and fire safety properties of polystyrene', Chemical Engineering Journal, 442,

De Cachinho Cordeiro IM; Yuen ACY; Chen TBY; Wang W; Yang W; Chan QN; Yeoh GH, 2022, 'Atomistic characterisation of graphite oxidation and thermal decomposition mechanism under isothermal and Non-Isothermal heating scheme', Computational Materials Science, 210,

Li A; Yuen ACY; Wang W; Chen TBY; Lai CS; Yang W; Wu W; Chan QN; Kook S; Yeoh GH, 2022, 'Integration of Computational Fluid Dynamics and Artificial Neural Network for Optimization Design of Battery Thermal Management System', Batteries, 8, pp. 69,

Wang L; Zhang A; Li N; Yuen ACY; Deng C; Dong Q; Zhang L; Yeoh GH; Yang W, 2022, 'Lamellar network structure constructed by ZnSe/C nanorods for high-performance potassium storage', Electrochimica Acta, 419,

Yang WJ; Wei CX; Yuen ACY; Lin B; Yeoh GH; Lu HD; Yang W, 2022, 'Fire-retarded nanocomposite aerogels for multifunctional applications: A review', Composites Part B: Engineering, 237,

Yuen ACY; Chen TBY; De Cachinho Cordero IM; Liu H; Li A; Yang W; Cheung SCP; Chan QN; Kook S; Yeoh GH, 2022, 'Developing a solid decomposition kinetics extraction framework for detailed chemistry pyrolysis and combustion modelling of building polymer composites', Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 163,

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