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Watson A, 2023, 'Youth, zines and music scenes', in The Bloomsbury Handbook of Popular Music and Youth Culture, Bloomsbury, London

Watson A; Bennett A, 2022, 'Why Do People Read Zines? Meaning, Materiality and Cultures of Reading', in Thumala Olave MA (ed.), The Cultural Sociology of Reading: The Meanings of Reading and Books Across the World, Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 65 - 89,

Southerton C; Clark M; Watson A; Lupton D, 2022, 'The Futures of Qualitative Research in the COVID-19 Era: Experimenting with Creative and Digital Method', in Matthewman S (ed.), A Research Agenda for COVID-19 and Society, Edward Elgar Publishing,

Byron P; McKee A; Watson A; Litsou K; Ingham R, 2022, 'Pornography and porn literacy', in What Do We Know About the Effects of Pornography After Fifty Years of Academic Research?, Routledge, pp. 65 - 79,

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