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Zhang T; Zhu C; Zhao Y; Zhao M; Wang Z; Song R; Meng N; Sial A; Diwan A; Liu J; Cheung JPY, 2022, A clinical classification for radiation-less monitoring of scoliosis based on deep learning of back photographs, ,

Chen X; Sima S; Sandhu HS; Kuan J; Diwan AD, 2021, Radiographic evaluation of lumbar intervertebral disc height index: an intra and inter-rater agreement and reliability study, ,

Chepurin D; Chamoli U; Diwan AD, 2020, Bony Stress and Its Association With Intervertebral Disc Degeneration in the Lumbar Spine: a Review of Clinical and Basic Science Studies, ,

Chen X; Sima S; Sandhu H; Kuan J; Diwan A, Radiographic Evaluation of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Height Index: An Intra and Inter-Rater Agreement and Reliability Study, ,

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