Select Publications


Lorange A, 2020, Labour and Other Poems, Cordite Books

Lorange A, 2014, How Reading is Written: A Brief Index to Gertrude Stein, Wesleyan University Press,

Book Chapters

Lorange A, 2012, 'The Objects Have Been Equal to the Occasion', in Butler on Whitehead: On the Occasion, Lexington Books, pp. 165 - 184

Journal articles

Brooks A; Lorange A, 2020, '22nd Biennale of Sydney, “Nirin”', Art Agenda,

Lorange A, 2020, 'Sentences, Paragraphs, Essays, Poems', Sydney Review of Books,

Lorange A, 2019, 'Poetry, Law and the News: Re-reading the Australian Constitution', Australian Humanities Review, pp. 47 - 61,

Brooks A; Lorange A, 2019, 'no trouble here: : On Sally M. Nangala Mulda’s “Town Camp Anywhere”', Running Dog,

Brooks A; Lorange A, 2019, 'Rifles or Ruffles', The Lifted Brow, vol. 44, pp. 79 - 84,

Gregory T; Lorange A, 2018, 'Teaching Post-Pornography', Cultural Studies Review, vol. 24, pp. 137 - 149,

Lorange A; Russell FJ, 2017, 'On paranoia and conspiracy: Recent art from Western Australia', Artlink: Australian contemporary art quarterly, vol. 37, pp. 58 - 63

Lorange A; Brooks A, 2017, 'Gossip and its Minor Discourses', Discipline, vol. 4.5, pp. 35 - 50

Lorange A; Brooks A, 2017, 'Review: The National: New Australian Work', Art and Australia,

Lorange A, 2017, 'Creativity and the Lyric Address', TEXT Journal,

Lorange A, 2015, 'Review: Barrett, Estelle and Bolt, Barbara, Carnal Knowledge: Towards a ‘New Materialism’ through the arts', Somatechnics, vol. 4, pp. 194 - 196,

Lorange A, 2015, 'Review of 24 Frames Per Second', Artlink: Australian contemporary art quarterly, vol. 35,

Conference Posters

Gregory TW; Lorange A, (eds.), 2014, 'Non-directive Feedback Loop', UNSW, pp. 35 - 36, presented at Moving Feedback Forward: Innovation and Opportunity, UNSW, 09 May 2014 - 09 May 2014

Conference Presentations

Lorange A; Monin M, 2016, 'A Poetics of Computation: critical approaches to reading and writing with data', presented at Electronic Visualisation and the Arts Australasia, University of Canberra, Canberra, Australia, 05 March 2016 - 06 March 2016

Curatorial Outputs

Lorange A; O'Connor V, 2016, Hell Broth, exhibited at: Firstdraft, Woolloomooloo, 04 February 2016 - 26 February 2016, Hell Broth,

Lorange A; Brooks A; Grealy L; Cornell C; Lea T, Infrastructural Inequalities Exhibition and Public Program, exhibited at: Artspace, Woolloomooloo, 27 September 2018 - 07 October 2018

Creative Written Works

Brooks A; Lorange A, 2018, Autumn/Winter

Brooks A; Lorange A, 2018, Warm Ties, Running Dog,

Lorange A, 2018, Forging the Declaration, Sydney Review of Books, Menzies C, (ed.), Sydney Review of Books

Lorange A, 2017, Chemical Collapse, Chemical Collapse, Melick T, (ed.), Slug

Lorange A; Clemens J, 2017, Doughnut, The Lifted Brow, The Lifted Brow

Lorange A, 2016, Reading Paintings and Poems, Blackbox Manifold

Lorange A, 2016, On Transmission Detox, On Transmission Detox, Museum of Contemporary Art

Lorange A; Brooks A, 2015, Techniques Against Optimism, Westpace Journal, Westspace


Lorange A, 2014, On Language as Material, On Language as Material, dasSUPERPAPER

Lorange A, 2014, Pathetic Tower, Pathetic Tower, Make Now Press

Lorange A, 2014, Embarrassment, Glitch, Poetry, Embarrassment, Glitch, Poetry, dasSUPERPAPER

Lorange A, 2013, One That Made It Alike, One That Made It Alike, Vagabond Press

Recorded / Rendered Creative Works

Lorange A; Monin M, 2016, The Living Index, The Book of Days, Sydney Writers Festival, Walsh Bay, Australia, Editor(s): Sadokierski Z, Published: 25 May 2016, Recorded / Rendered Creative Works,,com_2015/Itemid,416/agid,4716/task,view_detail/

Lorange A; Monin M, 2015, Affective Citations, Liquid Architecture, Firstdraft, Woolloomooloo, Australia, Published: 02 October 2015, Recorded / Rendered Creative Works

Creative Works (non-textual)

Brooks A; Lorange A, 2020, Endless Study, Infinite Debt: Protocols for listening in (and after) social isolation, Endless Study, Infinite Debt: protocols for listening in (and after) social isolation, Online - Liquid Architecture, 26 May 2020 - 14 June 2020, at:

Lorange A; Brooks A, 2019, Endless Study, Infinite Debt: Occasional Gifts, Shapeshifters: New Forms of Curatorial Research, Monash Art, Design & Architecture Gallery, 13 March 2019 - 14 March 2019, at:

Brooks A; Lorange A, 2018, Camel Coat, Camel Coat, Firstdraft, 02 May 2018 - 25 May 2018, at:

Lorange A; Brooks AN, 2017, Cold Cuts, Cold Cuts, Alaska Projects, 04 August 2017 - 26 August 2017

Lorange A; Brooks AN, 2016, Little Pharma, Little Pharma, Artspace, Sydney, 12 May 2016 - 23 May 2016, at:

Brooks A; Lorange A, 2015, Revenge Body, Capitalist Surrealism, National Gallery of Victoria, 24 September 2015 - 24 September 2015, at:

Milledge C; Lorange A; Hinterding J, 2014, Psychomagic: Dead Matters, Psychomagic: Dead Matters, 55 Sydenham Rd. Sydney, Australia, 19 September 2014 - 05 October 2014

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