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Reynolds A; Joseph SD; Verheyen TV; Chinu K; Taherymoosavi S; Munroe PR; Donne S; Pace B; van Zwieten L; Marjo CE; Thomas T; Rawal A; Hook J, 2018, 'Effect of clay and iron sulphate on volatile and water-extractable organic compounds in bamboo biochars', Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 133, pp. 22 - 29,

Pace B; Munroe P; Marjo CE; Thomas P; Gong B; Shepherd J; Buss W; Joseph S, 2018, 'The mechanisms and consequences of inorganic reactions during the production of ferrous sulphate enriched bamboo biochars', Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 131, pp. 101 - 112,

Taherymoosavi S; Joseph S; Pace B; Munroe P, 2018, 'A comparison between the characteristics of single- and mixed-feedstock biochars generated from wheat straw and basalt', Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 129, pp. 123 - 133,

Rafiq MK; Joseph SD; Li F; Bai Y; Shang Z; Rawal A; Hook JM; Munroe PR; Donne S; Taherymoosavi S; Mitchell DRG; Pace B; Mohammed M; Horvat J; Marjo CE; Wagner A; Wang Y; Ye J; Long RJ, 2017, 'Pyrolysis of attapulgite clay blended with yak dung enhances pasture growth and soil health: Characterization and initial field trials', Science of the Total Environment, 607-608, pp. 184 - 194,

Rawal A; Joseph SD; Hook JM; Chia CH; Munroe PR; Donne S; Lin Y; Phelan D; Mitchell DRG; Pace B; Horvat J; Webber JBW, 2016, 'Mineral-Biochar Composites: Molecular Structure and Porosity', Environmental Science and Technology, 50, pp. 7706 - 7714,

Darby I; Xu CY; Wallace HM; Joseph S; Pace B; Bai SH, 2016, 'Short-term dynamics of carbon and nitrogen using compost, compost-biochar mixture and organo-mineral biochar', Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 23, pp. 11267 - 11278,

YAO C; JOSEPH S; Lianqing LI; PAN G; LIN Y; MUNROE P; PACE B; TAHERYMOOSAVI S; ZWIETEN LV; THOMAS T; NIELSEN S; Jun YE; DONNE S, 2015, 'Developing More Effective Enhanced Biochar Fertilisers for Improvement of Pepper Yield and Quality', Pedosphere, 25, pp. 703 - 712,

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