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Doyle C, 2024, Researching Crime and Violence in Medellín, Colombia Truth Versus Truths, Lexington Books

Journal articles

Cui J; Doyle C; Carey L, 2023, 'Rethinking prison visitation for children with incarcerated parents: Lessons from the Australian Capital Territory', Alternative Law Journal, 48, pp. 97 - 101,

Yates S; Dodd S; Doyle C; Buick F; Dickinson H, 2022, 'Where specialist and mainstream service systems collide: The National Disability Insurance Scheme in prisons', Australian Journal of Public Administration, 81, pp. 611 - 628,

Doyle C; Yates S; Bartels L; Hopkins A; Taylor H, 2022, '‘If I don't get a job in six months' time, I can see myself being back in there’: Post-prison employment experiences of people in Canberra', Australian Journal of Social Issues, 57, pp. 627 - 643,

Doyle C; Yates S; Bartels L; Hopkins A; Taylor H, 2022, '‘Just a bunch of what ifs and unknowns’: The post-prison service provision experiences of people in Canberra, Australia', International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice, 70,

Doyle C; Yates S; Hargrave J, 2022, 'Reflecting on the Value of Community Researchers in Criminal Justice Research Projects', Social Sciences, 11,

Doyle C; Yates S; Bartels L; Hopkins A; Taylor H, 2022, '“People say you’re going home, but I don’t have a home”: Housing After Prison', International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology,

Dodd S; Doyle C; Dickinson H; Buick F; Yates S, 2022, 'The forgotten prisoners: Exploring the impact of imprisonment on people with disability in Australia', Criminology and Criminal Justice, 24, pp. 395 - 412,

Dickinson H; Yates S; Dodd S; Buick F; Doyle C, 2022, '“Most people don’t like a client group that tell you to get fucked”: Choice and control in Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme for formerly incarcerated people', Public Policy and Administration, 39, pp. 095207672211343 - 095207672211343,

Doyle C, 2021, 'The Criminal Actors Have a Social Base in Their Communities: Gangs and Service Provision in Medellín, Colombia', Latin American Politics and Society, 63, pp. 27 - 47,

Doyle C; Gardner K; Wells K, 2021, 'The Importance of Incorporating Lived Experience in Efforts to Reduce Australian Reincarceration Rates', International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, 10,

McCarthy-Jones A; Doyle C; Turner M, 2020, 'From hierarchies to networks: The organizational evolution of the international drug trade', International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice, 63,

Jackson I; Doyle C; Bartels L, 2020, '‘An awful state of affairs for you’: managing the needs of older prisoners–a case study from the Australian Capital Territory', Current Issues in Criminal Justice, 32, pp. 243 - 251,

Dávila LF; Doyle C, 2020, 'Insider and outsider fieldwork challenges in medellín, colombia', International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, 9, pp. 87 - 99,

Doyle C, 2019, 'Social urbanism: public policy and place brand', Journal of Place Management and Development, 12, pp. 326 - 337,

Doyle C, 2019, 'Perceptions and realities of violence in Medellín, Colombia', International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, 8, pp. 149 - 166,

Doyle C; McCarthy-Jones A, 2017, 'Researching in volatile environments and the importance of adaptive methods for junior researchers', Qualitative Research Journal, 17, pp. 335 - 344,

Doyle C, 2016, 'Explaining Patterns of Urban Violence in Medellin, Colombia', Laws, 5, pp. 3 - 3,

Doyle C; Easteal P; Emerson-Elliott D, 2012, 'Domestic Violence and Marriage Like Relationships: Have We Begun to Emerge from the Dark Ages?', Alternative Law Journal, 37, pp. 91 - 95,

Easteal PL; Emerson-Elliott D, 'Domestic Violence and Marriage-Like Relationships: Social Security Law at the Crossroads', SSRN Electronic Journal,


Doyle C; Dodd S; Dickinson H; Yates S; Buick F, 2022, ‘There’s not just a gap, there’s a chasm’: The boundaries between Australian disability services and prisons, Public Service Research Group, UNSW Canberra, Canberra,

Doyle C; Pfotenhauer D; Bartels L; Hopkins A, 2020, ‘[T]hey Say “You’re Going Home, You’re Going Home” … But I Don’t Have A Home… I’m Getting Out, But I’m Not Going Home, There’s No Home…’ The Experiences of People Leaving Prison in the Australian Capital Territory,

Theses / Dissertations

Doyle C, 2017, What explains the reduction of urban violence in Medellín, Colombia?

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