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Sinigaglia F; Rodighiero G; Elson E; Vaccari M; Maddox N; Frank BS; Jarvis MJ; Oosterloo T; Davé R; Salvato M; Baes M; Bellstedt S; Bisigello L; Collier JD; Cook RHW; Davies LJM; Delhaize J; Driver SP; Foster C; Kurapati S; Lagos CDP; Lidman C; Piña PEM; Meyer MJ; Mogotsi KM; Pan H; Ponomareva AA; Prandoni I; Rajohnson SHA; Robotham ASG; Santos MG; Sekhar S; Spekkens K; Thorne JE; Hulst JMVD; Wong OI, 2022, MIGHTEE-HI: Evolution of HI scaling relations of star-forming galaxies at $z<0.5$,

Weng S; Sadler EM; Foster C; Peroux C; Mahony EK; Allison JR; Moss VA; Su R; Whiting MT; Yoon H, 2021, Observations of cold extragalactic gas clouds at $z = 0.45$ towards PKS 1610-771,

Sande JVD; Croom SM; Bland-Hawthorn J; Cortese L; Scott N; Lagos CDP; D'Eugenio F; Bryant JJ; Brough S; Catinella B; Foster C; Harborne BGKE; López-Sánchez ÁR; McDermid R; Medling A; Owers MS; Richards SN; Sweet SM; Vaughan SP, 2021, The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Mass and Environment as Independent Drivers of Galaxy Dynamics,

Davies LJM; Thorne JE; Robotham ASG; Bellstedt S; Driver SP; Adams NJ; Bilicki M; Bowler RAA; Bravo M; Cortese L; Foster C; Grootes MW; Häußler B; Hashemizadeh A; Holwerda BW; Hurley P; Jarvis MJ; Lidman C; Maddox N; Meyer M; Paolillo M; Phillipps S; Radovich M; Siudek M; Vaccari M; Windhorst RA, 2021, Deep Extragalactic VIsible Legacy Survey (DEVILS): Consistent multi-wavelength photometry for the DEVILS regions (COSMOS, XMMLSS & ECDFS),

Croom SM; Owers MS; Scott N; Poetrodjojo H; Groves B; Sande JVD; Barone TM; Cortese L; D'Eugenio F; Bland-Hawthorn J; Bryant J; Oh S; Brough S; Agostino J; Casura S; Catinella B; Colless M; Cecil G; Davies RL; Drinkwater MJ; Driver SP; Ferreras I; Foster C; Fraser-McKelvie A; Lawrence J; Leslie SK; Liske J; López-Sánchez ÁR; Lorente NPF; McElroy R; Medling AM; Obreschkow D; Richards SN; Sharp R; Sweet SM; Taranu DS; Taylor EN; Tescari E; Thomas AD; Tocknell J; Vaughan SP, 2021, The SAMI Galaxy Survey: the third and final data release,

Lagos CDP; Emsellem E; Sande JVD; Harborne KE; Cortese L; Davison T; Foster C; Wright RJ, 2020, The diverse nature and formation paths of slow rotator galaxies in the EAGLE simulations,

Sande JVD; Vaughan SP; Cortese L; Scott N; Bland-Hawthorn J; Croom SM; Lagos CDP; Brough S; Bryant JJ; Devriendt J; Dubois Y; D'Eugenio F; Foster C; Fraser-McKelvie A; Harborne KE; Lawrence JS; Oh S; Owers MS; Poci A; Remus R-S; Richards SN; Schulze F; Sweet SM; Varidel MR; Welker C, 2020, The SAMI Galaxy Survey: a statistical approach to an optimal classification of stellar kinematics in galaxy surveys,

Foster C; Bassett R, 2019, The intricate link between galaxy dynamics and intrinsic shape (or why so-called prolate rotation is a misnomer),

Varidel MR; Croom SM; Lewis GF; Brewer BJ; Teodoro EMD; Bland-Hawthorn J; Bryant JJ; Federrath C; Foster C; Glazebrook K; Goodwin M; Groves B; Hopkins AM; Lawrence JS; López-Sánchez ÁR; Medling AM; Owers MS; Richards SN; Scalzo R; Scott N; Sweet SM; Taranu DS; Sande JVD, 2019, The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Bayesian Inference for Gas Disk Kinematics using a Hierarchical Gaussian Mixture Model,

Usher C; Beckwith T; Bellstedt S; Alabi A; Chevalier L; Pastorello N; Cerulo P; Dalgleish HS; Fraser-McKelvie A; Kamann S; Penny S; Foster C; McDermid R; Schiavon RP; Villaume A, 2018, The WAGGS project - II. The reliability of the calcium triplet as a metallicity indicator in integrated stellar light,

Scott N; Sande JVD; Croom SM; Groves B; Owers MS; Poetrodjojo H; D'Eugenio F; Medling AM; Barat D; Barone TM; Bland-Hawthorn J; Brough S; Bryant J; Cortese L; Foster C; Green AW; Oh S; Colless M; Drinkwater MJ; Driver SP; Goodwin M; Gunawardhana MLP; Federrath C; Harischandra L; Jin Y; Lawrence JS; Lorente NP; Mannering E; O'Toole S; Richards SN; Sanchez SF; Schaefer AL; Sealey K; Sharp R; Sweet SM; Taranu DS; Varidel M, 2018, The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Data Release Two with absorption-line physics value-added products,

Foster C; Sande JVD; Cortese L; Croom SM; Bland-Hawthorn J; Brough S; Bryant JJ; Goodwin M; Lawrence JS; Lorente N; Medling AM; Owers M; Richards SN; Scott N, 2018, The SAMI Galaxy Survey: embedded discs and radial trends in outer dynamical support across the Hubble sequence,

Davies LJM; Robotham ASG; Driver SP; Lagos CP; Cortese L; Mannering E; Foster C; Lidman C; Hashemizadeh A; Koushan S; O'Toole S; Baldry IK; Bilicki M; Bland-Hawthorn J; Bremer MN; Brown MJI; Bryant JJ; Catinella B; Croom SM; Grootes MW; Holwerda BW; Jarvis MJ; Maddox N; Meyer M; Moffett AJ; Phillipps S; Taylor EN; Windhorst RA; Wolf C, 2018, Deep Extragalactic VIsible Legacy Survey (DEVILS): Motivation, Design and Target Catalogue,

Sande JVD; Scott N; Bland-Hawthorn J; Brough S; Bryant JJ; Colless M; Cortese L; Croom SM; d'Eugenio F; Foster C; Goodwin M; Konstantopoulos IS; Lawrence JS; McDermid RM; Medling AM; Owers MS; Richards SN; Sharp R, 2018, A relation between characteristic stellar age of galaxies and their intrinsic shape,

Barone TM; D'Eugenio F; Colless M; Scott N; Sande JVD; Bland-Hawthorn J; Brough S; Bryant JJ; Cortese L; Croom SM; Foster C; Goodwin M; Konstantopoulos IS; Lawrence JS; Lorente NPF; Medling AM; Owers MS; Richards SN, 2018, The SAMI Galaxy Survey: gravitational potential and surface density drive stellar populations -- I. early-type galaxies,

Medling AM; Cortese L; Croom SM; Green AW; Groves B; Hampton E; Ho I-T; Davies LJM; Kewley LJ; Moffett AJ; Schaefer AL; Taylor E; Zafar T; Bekki K; Bland-Hawthorn J; Bloom JV; Brough S; Bryant JJ; Catinella B; Cecil G; Colless M; Couch WJ; Drinkwater MJ; Driver SP; Federrath C; Foster C; Goldstein G; Goodwin M; Hopkins A; Lawrence JS; Leslie SK; Lewis GF; Lorente NPF; Owers MS; McDermid R; Richards SN; Sharp R; Scott N; Sweet SM; Taranu DS; Tescari E; Tonini C; Sande JVD; Walcher CJ; Wright A, 2018, The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Spatially Resolving the Main Sequence of Star Formation,

Foster C; Sande JVD; D'Eugenio F; Cortese L; McDermid RM; Bland-Hawthorn J; Brough S; Bryant J; Croom SM; Goodwin M; Konstantopoulos IS; Lawrence J; Lopez-Sanchez AR; Medling AM; Owers MS; Richards SN; Scott N; Taranu DS; Tonini C; Zafar T, 2017, The SAMI Galaxy Survey: the intrinsic shape of kinematically selected galaxies,

Sande JVD; Bland-Hawthorn J; Brough S; Croom SM; Cortese L; Foster C; Scott N; Bryant JJ; d'Eugenio F; Tonini C; Goodwin M; Konstantopoulos IS; Lawrence JS; Medling AM; Owers MS; Richards SN; Schaefer AL; Yi SK, 2017, The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Revising the Fraction of Slow Rotators in IFS Galaxy Surveys,

Deeley S; Drinkwater MJ; Cunnama D; Bland-Hawthorn J; Brough S; Cluver M; Colless M; Davies LJM; Driver SP; Foster C; Grootes MW; Hopkins AM; Kafle PR; Lara-Lopez MA; Liske J; Mahajan S; Phillipps S; Power C; Robotham A, 2017, Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA): Formation and Growth of Elliptical Galaxies in the Group Environment,

Bellstedt S; Forbes DA; Foster C; Romanowsky AJ; Brodie JP; Pastorello N; Alabi A; Villaume A, 2017, The SLUGGS survey: Using extended stellar kinematics to disentangle the formation histories of low mass S0 galaxies,

Sande JVD; Bland-Hawthorn J; Fogarty LMR; Cortese L; d'Eugenio F; Croom SM; Scott N; Allen JT; Brough S; Bryant JJ; Cecil G; Colless M; Couch WJ; Davies R; Elahi PJ; Foster C; Goldstein G; Goodwin M; Groves B; Ho I-T; Jeong H; Jones DH; Konstantopoulos IS; Lawrence JS; Leslie SK; Lopez-Sanchez AR; McDermid RM; McElroy R; Medling AM; Oh S; Owers MS; Richards SN; Schaefer AL; Sharp R; Sweet SM; Taranu D; Tonini C; Walcher CJ; Yi SK, 2016, The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Revisiting Galaxy Classification Through High-Order Stellar Kinematics,

Schaefer AL; Croom SM; Allen JT; Brough S; Medling AM; Ho I-T; Scott N; Richards SN; Pracy MB; Gunawardhana MLP; Norberg P; Alpaslan M; Bauer AE; Bekki K; Bland-Hawthorn J; Bloom JV; Bryant JJ; Couch WJ; Driver SP; Fogarty LMR; Foster C; Goldstein G; Green AW; Hopkins AM; Konstantopoulos IS; Lawrence JS; López-Sánchez AR; Lorente NPF; Owers MS; Sharp R; Sweet SM; Taylor EN; Sande JVD; Walcher CJ; Wong OI, 2016, The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Spatially resolving the environmental quenching of star formation in GAMA galaxies,

Zhu L; Romanowsky AJ; Ven GVD; Long RJ; Watkins LL; Pota V; Napolitano NR; Forbes DA; Brodie J; Foster C, 2016, A discrete chemo-dynamical model of the giant elliptical galaxy NGC 5846: dark matter fraction, internal rotation and velocity anisotropy out to six effective radii,

Alabi AB; Forbes DA; Romanowsky AJ; Brodie JP; Strader J; Janz J; Pota V; Pastorello N; Usher C; Spitler LR; Foster C; Jennings ZG; Villaume A; Kartha S, 2016, The SLUGGS Survey: The mass distribution in early-type galaxies within five effective radii and beyond,

Foster C; Pastorello N; Roediger J; Brodie JP; Forbes DA; Kartha SS; Pota V; Romanowsky AJ; Spitler LR; Strader J; Usher C; Arnold JA, 2015, The SLUGGS Survey: stellar kinematics, kinemetry and trends at large radii in 25 early-type galaxies,

Cappellari M; Romanowsky AJ; Brodie JP; Forbes DA; Strader J; Foster C; Kartha SS; Pastorello N; Pota V; Spitler LR; Usher C; Arnold JA, 2015, Small scatter and nearly-isothermal mass profiles to four half-light radii from two-dimensional stellar dynamics of early-type galaxies,

Taylor EN; Hopkins AM; Baldry IK; Bland-Hawthorn J; Brown MJI; Colless M; Driver S; Norberg P; Robotham ASG; Alpaslan M; Brough S; Cluver ME; Gunawhardhana M; Kelvin LS; Liske J; Conselice CJ; Croom S; Foster C; Jarrett TH; Lopez ML; Loveday J, 2014, Galaxy And Mass Assembly: Deconstructing Bimodality - I. Red ones and blue ones,

Foster C; Lux H; Romanowsky AJ; Martinez-Delgado D; Zibetti S; Arnold JA; Brodie JP; Ciardullo R; GaBany RJ; Merrifield MR; Singh N; Strader J, 2014, Kinematics and simulations of the stellar stream in the halo of the Umbrella Galaxy,

Pastorello N; Forbes DA; Foster C; Brodie JP; Usher C; Romanowsky AJ; Strader J; Arnold JA, 2014, The SLUGGS survey: Exploring the metallicity gradients of nearby early-type galaxies to large radii,

Brodie JP; Romanowsky AJ; Strader J; Forbes DA; Foster C; Jennings ZG; Pastorello N; Pota V; Usher C; Blom C; Kader J; Roediger JC; Spitler LR; Villaume A; Arnold JA; Kartha SS; Woodley KA, 2014, The SAGES Legacy Unifying Globulars and GalaxieS Survey (SLUGGS): Sample definition, methods, and initial results,

Foster C; Arnold JA; Forbes DA; Pastorello N; Romanowsky AJ; Spitler LR; Strader J; Brodie JP, 2013, The SLUGGS Survey: outer triaxiality of the Fast Rotator elliptical NGC 4473,

Agius NK; Sansom AE; Popescu CC; Andrae E; Baes M; Baldry I; Bourne N; Brough S; Clark CJR; Conselice C; Cooray A; Dariush A; Zotti GD; Driver SP; Dunne L; Eales SA; Foster C; Gomez HL; Haußler B; Hopkins AM; Hopwood R; Ivison RJ; Kelvin LS; Lara-Lopez MA; Liske J; Lopez-Sanchez A; Loveday J; Maddox S; Madore B; Phillipps S; Robotham A; Rowlands K; Seibert M; Smith MWL; Temi P; Tuffs R; Valiante E, 2013, GAMA/H-ATLAS: Linking the Properties of Sub-mm Detected and Undetected Early-Type Galaxies: I. z$\le$0.06 Sample,

Hopkins AM; Driver SP; Brough S; Owers MS; Bauer AE; Gunawardhana MLP; Cluver ME; Colless M; Foster C; Lara-Lopez MA; Roseboom I; Sharp R; Steele O; Thomas D; Baldry IK; Brown MJI; Liske J; Norberg P; Robotham ASG; Bamford S; Bland-Hawthorn J; Drinkwater MJ; Loveday J; Meyer M; Peacock JA; Tuffs R; Agius N; Alpaslan M; Andrae E; Cameron E; Cole S; Ching JHY; Christodoulou L; Conselice C; Croom S; Cross NJG; Propris RD; Delhaize J; Dunne L; Eales S; Ellis S; Frenk CS; Graham A; Grootes MW; Haussler B; Heymans C; Hill D; Hoyle B; Hudson M; Jarvis M; Johansson J; Jones DH; Kampen EV; Kelvin L; Kuijken K; Lopez-Sanchez A; Maddox S; Madore B; Maraston C; McNaught-Roberts T; Nichol RC; Oliver S; Parkinson H; Penny S; Phillipps S; Pimbblet KA; Ponman T; Popescu CC; Prescott M; Proctor R; Sadler EM; Sansom AE; Seibert M; Staveley-Smith L; Sutherland W; Taylor E; Waerbeke LV; Vazquez-Mata JA; Warren S; Wijesinghe DB; Wild V; Wilkins S, 2013, Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): Spectroscopic analysis,

Foster C; Hopkins AM; Gunawardhana M; Lara-Lopez MA; Sharp RG; Steele O; Taylor EN; Driver SP; Baldryi IK; Bamford SP; Liske J; Loveday J; Norberg P; Peacock JA; Alpaslan M; Bauer AE; Bland-Hawthorn J; Brough S; Cameron E; Colless M; Conselice CJ; Croom SM; Frenk CS; Hill DT; Jones DH; Kelvin LS; Kuijken K; Nichol RC; Owers MS; Parkinson HR; Pimbblet KA; Popescu CC; Prescott M; Robotham ASG; Lopez-Sanchez AR; Sutherland WJ; Thomas D; Tuffs RJ; Kampen EV; Wijesinghe D, 2012, Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): The mass-metallicity relationship,

Forbes DA; Cortesi A; Pota V; Foster C; Romanowsky AJ; Merrifield MR; Brodie JP; Strader J; Coccato L; Napolitano N, 2012, Radially Extended Kinematics in the S0 Galaxy NGC 2768 from Planetary Nebulae, Globular Clusters and Starlight,

Foster C; Spitler LR; Romanowsky AJ; Forbes DA; Pota V; Bekki K; Strader J; Proctor RN; Arnold JA; Brodie JP, 2011, Global Properties of `Ordinary' Early-type Galaxies: photometry and spectroscopy of stars and globular clusters in NGC 4494,

Foster C; Forbes DA; Proctor RN; Strader J; Brodie JP; Spitler LR, 2010, Deriving Metallicities From the Integrated Spectra of Extragalactic Globular Clusters Using the Near-Infrared Calcium Triplet,

Foster C; Proctor RN; Forbes DA; Spolaor M; Hopkins PF; Brodie JP, 2009, Metallicity Gradients at Large Galactocentric Radii Using the Near-infrared Calcium Triplet,

Foster C; Nelson LA, 2009, The Size, Shape and Orientation of Cosmological Voids in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey,

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