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Smith C; Ware S, 2018, 'Out (fit) ting the City: Care and Contribution in Post-Industrial Newcastle, Australia', in Designing a City of Care, Bloomsbury Publishing, pp. 93 - 110

Smith C, 2018, 'Renew (ing) Newcastle and complicating capitalism: contributory economies, artisanal production, and the DIY occupation of disused commercial space', in Subverting Consumerism, Routledge, pp. 105 - 122

Smith C, 2018, 'The Do-It-Your(self): The Construction of Social Identity Through DIY Architecture and Urbanism', in The Routledge Companion to Architecture and Social Engagement, Routledge, pp. 243 - 256

Smith C, 2012, 'Remembering in Red', in Semi-Detached: Writing, Representation and Criticism in Architecture, Uro Media, pp. 152 - 159

Smith C, 2011, 'Cathy Smith, Inflatables Illustrated, PhD Research', in Amaze 2011; Annual Architecture Catalogue, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, University of Sydney, pp. 40 - 40

Smith C, 2005, 'The ’spectacular everyday’: experimental making and living', in Absolutely Public: Crossover: Art and Architecture, Mulgrave, pp. 56 - 59

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