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Vaughan J; Maund K; Gajendran T; Lloyd J; Smith C; Cohen M, 2021, 'Social, Economic and Environmental :Benefits of Creative Placemaking', New Planner: Journal of the New South Wales Planning Profession, vol. 127, pp. 26 - 27,

Vaughan J; Maund K; Gajendran T; Lloyd J; Smith C; Cohen M, 2021, 'Determining and representing value in creative placemaking', Journal of Place Management and Development, vol. ahead-of-print,

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Smith C, 2014, 'Handymen, hippies and healing: social transformation through the DIY movement (1940s to 1970s) in north america', Architectural Histories, vol. 2,

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Smith C, 2010, 'Essay: Corners and Ceilings: Investigating small spaces', Artichoke, vol. 32, pp. 66 - 67,

Smith C, 2008, 'A Primer for Germinant Practice', Architectural Theory Review, vol. 13, pp. 306 - 319,

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Smith C, 2001, 'Looking for Liminality in Architectural Space (The Space of Liminality and the Space of Architecture)', Limen, vol. 1

Smith C, 2001, 'Other Architectural Spaces',

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