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Sarkar R; Khan T; Binang H; Xu Z; Hosen SMZ; Mekapogu A; Hoehn K; Horada N; Pirola R; Wilson J; Perera C; Apte M, 2023, 'Pancreatic cancer related diabetes: impaired glucose tolerance and insulin signalling may drive progression of pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasms (PanINs)', in Pancreatology, Elsevier BV, Vol. 23, pp. e143 - e143,

Perera C; Greening D; Hosen SMZ; Mekapogu AR; Xu Z; Chari S; Falasca M; Wilson J; Pirola R; Apte M, 2023, 'Proteomic analysis of co-cultured human pancreatic stellate cells and cancer cell-derived exosome cargo: novel insights into signalling pathways in pancreatic cancer', in Pancreatology, Elsevier BV, Vol. 23, pp. e127 - e127,

Perera C; Hossain MJ; Mekapogu AR; Hosen SMZ; Xu Z; Greenfield J; Hoehn K; Horadagoda N; Pirola R; Wilson J; Apte M; Hosen SM, 2022, 'Impaired glucose tolerance in transgenic KC mice is associated with pancreatic stellate cell activation and accelerated pancreatic cancer progression', in JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY AND HEPATOLOGY, WILEY, Vol. 37, pp. 32 - 32

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