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Gurung J; Kashani M; de Silva C; Baker MAB, 2023, Microbial stir bars: light-activated rotation of tethered bacterial cells to enhance mixing in stagnant fluids,

Deshpande R; de Silva CM; Marusic I, 2022, Evidence that turbulent superstructures are concatenations of geometrically self-similar coherent motions,

Li M; Chong KL; Ng CS; Bahl P; de Silva CM; Verzicco R; Doolan C; MacIntyre CR; Lohse D, 2022, Towards realistic simulations of human cough: effect of droplet emission duration and spread angle,

Gunasekera S; Barber T; Ng O; Thomas S; Varcoe R; de Silva C, 2022, Mitigation of the Turbulence within an Arteriovenous Fistula with a Stent Implantation,

Heisel M; de Silva CM; Katul GG; Chamecki M, 2021, Self-similar geometries within the inertial subrange of scales in boundary layer turbulence,

Deshpande R; de Silva CM; Lee M; Monty JP; Marusic I, 2021, Data-driven enhancement of coherent structure-based models for predicting instantaneous wall turbulence,

Heisel M; de Silva CM; Hutchins N; Marusic I; Guala M, 2019, On the mixing length eddies and logarithmic mean velocity profile in wall turbulence,

Krug D; Yang XIA; de Silva CM; Ostilla-Mónico R; Verzicco R; Marusic I; Lohse D, 2017, Statistics of turbulence in the energy-containing range of Taylor-Couette compared to canonical wall-bounded flows,

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