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Pawson H; Milligan V; Martin C, 2019, 'Building Australia's affordable housing industry: capacity challenges and capacity-enhancing strategies', International Journal of Housing Policy, vol. 19, pp. 46 - 68,

Martin C, 2018, 'The Commonwealth tenancy disputes legislation: A bad vibe', Australian Property Law Journal, vol. 27, pp. 15 - 25

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Martin C, 2018, 'Clever Odysseus: narratives and strategies of rental property investor subjectivity in Australia', Housing Studies, vol. 33, pp. 1060 - 1084,

Martin C, 2016, 'One strike, three strikes: Crime and anti-social behaviour in NSW public housing', Alternative Law Journal, vol. 41, pp. 262 - 266,

Martin C, 2015, 'Contracts and conduct: Using tenancy law to govern crime and disorder in public housing in New South Wales', Property Law Review, vol. 5, pp. 81 - 100

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Martin CL, 2001, 'Review of the Report of the Ombudsman Victoria, Investigation of Police Action at the World Economic Forum Demonstrations September 2000, June 2001', Current Issues in Criminal Justice, vol. 13

Martin CL, 2000, 'Crime and Control in Australian Urban Space', Current Issues in Criminal Justice, vol. 12

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